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Apatite Fiber Absorbable Composites for Load-Bearing Applications in Bone Fixation

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 6:53am
James R. Olson, Ph.D



Teleflex Medical OEM, in conjunction with researchers at theUniversity of Connecticut, has developed a tough, high-moduluscomposite with potential for bone fixation. Fabricated from a unidirectional,fibrous PLLA/apatite, the composite exhibits excellent mechanical propertieswhich correlate to those of natural bone while featuring excellent surfacebioactivity. The entire composite is bioabsorbable whereby a device made from thecomposite will gradually be replaced by natural bone tissue at the implantationsite. Early studies indicate integration can occur firmly and permanently withthe surrounding tissue. In addition, such prepared composites may have the potentialto be used to control the release of growth factors to enhance bone cellstimulation.


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