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Regulatory Asset Management: Harmonizing Calibration, Maintenance, & Validation Systems

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 6:57am
Blue Mountain Quality Resources

Calibration, maintenance, and validation activity, despite operating within the same department in some organizations, have generally been managed separately, each with their own procedures and their own computerized management systems. Since even calibration and maintenance professionals tend to access records differently and track different types of information, these separate and unconnected systems made sense. However with new regulatory pressures and in search of greater productivity and efficiency, leaders in the life science industries have explored and experimented with different ways to harmonize these systems. Until recently, the available options have required significant compromises to be made. This paper discusses the evolution of the driving forces and the available solutions for harmonizing calibration, maintenance and validation, concluding with the latest technologies designed to eliminate the need for the departmental compromises previously required to achieve harmonization.

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