Canfield Scientific offers imaging systems services and products for scientific research and healthcare applications, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, medical and skin care industries. The company has recently brought in SYSPRO to replace its previous software systems.


Canfield Scientific, headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, has achieved an industry-wide reputation for excellence and innovation throughout its product lines, industry services, and customer support. Founded in 1987, the company is organized into three divisions.


The first is Canfield Clinical Services, the largest provider of photographic documentation resources and photographic imaging services for research in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research fields. This division has rendered global support for thousands of clinical studies for many of the world's leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. It offers image-based data collection, analysis and submissions preparation services for approval by governmental agencies, such as the Food and Drug Agency (FDA).


During its extensive work with clinical research photographic documentation for research clients, Canfield Clinical Services has developed unique imaging applications for photographic documentation across multiple therapeutic areas. These processes and applications simplify and standardize clinical research photographic processes, while eliminating imaging variables, thereby providing consistent image quality across clinical research sites throughout the world.


Canfield Imaging Systems, the second division, is a worldwide developer and provider of imaging software and specialized photographic systems, delivering these solutions to the medical and skin care industries. Drawing on the depth and breadth of experience, and the products developed by Canfield Scientific’s research services, Canfield Imaging Systems applies those technologies to the requirements of direct patient care in health care and wellness environments. Canfield imaging products and services are utilized worldwide in medical practices, hospitals, skin care and wellness centers, and day and medical spas.


Finally, Canfield DermaTrak Skin Imaging Centers assist physicians and patients in monitoring existing pigmented skin lesions, and detecting new ones, aiding in the early detection of melanoma. DermaTrak is the largest provider of Total Body Photography, a medical procedure in which the majority of the body’s skin covering is documented in a series of professional quality sectional photos.


Canfield had been using Peachtree for Accounting and ACT for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). However, in 2006, Canfield determined that they had outgrown the limits of both ACT as a customer database, and Peachtree as an accounting system. The organization initiated a search for a new single software environment to replace and supplement its legacy systems. Included among the company’s requirements was a software environment that offered an integrated ERP and CRM solution.


After having examined an extensive array of vendor offerings, Canfield selected SYSPRO, concluding that it was the best integrated product with respect to CRM and ERP functionality. The SYSPRO solution went live in April 2006, running on Windows 2000 with 25 concurrent users.


Almost immediately, Canfield experienced numerous operational efficiencies. “By automating systems, SYSPRO helped streamline operations in a variety of ways,” says Adam Scholz, ERP Administrator. “With our previous systems, many tasks were done manually and were time consuming and prone to error.”


According to Scholz, SYSPRO has enabled state of the art solutions while allowing the company to handle a greater volume of orders without increasing headcount.


“SYSPRO has helped us to make bills of material more accurate for manufacturing and resource planning. The inventory module has increased accountability and visibility as it relates to future needs, and SYSPRO has also helped to enhance our order taking ability, enabling our volume of orders to increase with little strain on company resources.”


SYSPRO Reporting Services has also helped Canfield Scientific realize gains in efficiency. Scholz advises, “The ability of individuals to execute flexible, custom reports gives greater insight into operations, while also reducing the load on the IS Department.” He added, “SYSPRO enhances the office backbone by providing an integrated communication system where each department can get the real-time information they need to be more productive.”


Scholz concluded, “The efficiency and productivity of SYSPRO software is a helping factor in quantifying our investment. More importantly,” he states, “because SYSPRO has given us visibility into future needs, our ability to plan ahead has been significantly enhanced.”