C-Insight quickly connects to any C-Arm, providing high-quality 3D images in under two minutes.

The quality of 2D imaging has improved significantly over the years. However, it still cannot compare to the wealth of information that can be ascertained from viewing a 3D image. New technology offers 3D imaging results from traditional 2D equipment

Mazor Surgical Technologies, a developer of innovative medical robotics, imaging devices, and implants, recently unveiled C-Insight, a new imaging technology that enables medical facilities to transform 2D C-arms (the standard x-ray device used in operating rooms) into 3D intraoperative imaging systems.

C-InSight connects to any existing C-Arm with a video output (via BNC cable) and converts 2D scans to 3D images in just one minute. The solution consists of an image adaptor that connects to the C-arm, a sterile target that is placed on the patient, a workstation, and corresponding software.

The C-Insight Target and Image Adaptor contain fiducials, which track the location of C-arm and patient relative to each other, eliminating any user-dependency. The Targets are made of Ultem, which is radiolucent, and metal beads, which are radio opaque. The beads are linked together in a way that enables surgeons to alter the angle of the target to fit the area on the patient to be scanned.
Following the scan, sophisticated algorithms convert the 2D scan into full, high-resolution AP, lateral, axial, and 3D volume images, which appear on the workstation monitor. The images can then be rotated, enlarged or viewed slice by slice for optimal intraoperative verification, assessment, and risk management.

“We designed C-Insight as an affordable and natural solution which integrates the latest imaging techniques into existing C-Arms,” said Ori Hadomi, CEO of Mazor Surgical Technologies. “Surgeons know that 3D imaging is better than 2D, and our technology enables hospitals to make the most of their current equipment, while at the same time increasing patient care and significantly reducing the patient’s and staff’s exposure to radiation during surgery.”

Dr. Doron Dinstein is VP of marketing at Mazor Surgical Technologies. He is responsible for overseeing Mazor’s strategic marketing and business development in the company’s key markets around the world. Dr. Dinstein can be reached at 678-447-8787 or