There’s good news available to patients who are in a hospital bed. Horizontal Computing System (HCS) has combined a standard hospital table with a patented laptop stand. This stand is unique in that it allows an ergonomically correct posture for the patient. The stand is adjustable to set desired angle. An adjustable locking plate secures 98% of laptops on the market.It offers laptop users an option they’ve never had before–comfort.


Bruce Roberts, CEO of HCS says, “I came up with the idea when I was laid up in the hospital with a broken neck for 2 months. I was always looking for a way to use my laptop without having it on my lap or stomach. I didn’t want it touching my body and I didn’t want it to crash to the floor.” HCS believes that the patient has enough pain and enough to worry about without having to struggle to use their computer.

Other issues of concern for laptop users are safety and security. According to Safeware, a laptop insurance company, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Drops and breakage happen even more often than that. The Horizontal Computing System locks your laptop in place using an adjustable locking plate. This prevents thieves from easily walking away with your computer and eliminates accidental drops. The laptop sits above the table surface at an angle, so spilling coffee on it is nearly impossible. It also frees up space on the table for other items.


Needs are being filled at several medical facilities. The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA, are just two facilities where this long-awaited stand was eagerly greeted.

Says Roberts, “The first thing to consider is whether the overall cost of buying and maintaining protection for your laptop is worth it. How accident-prone are you when it comes to your laptop? Do you use your laptop on a cluttered desk? Is your laptop used where there is heavy foot traffic? Any one of these factors can lead to damage or theft. Given the importance and relatively high cost of owning a laptop, protecting it has to be a priority, no matter what your individual situation is. Our laptop stand is an affordable and practical way to do that.”

In closing, Roberts says, “Comfort is a priority. Contrary to its name, a laptop doesn’t belong on your lap. It promotes poor posture and fatigue. Ergonomically speaking – laptops are terrible! Even when your laptop is on your lap, it puts incredible strain on your body. Its compact design forces users into awkward postures. With our laptop stand you can forget about back pains, cramped necks, and concerns about laptop safety. We’ve solved those problems.”

For more information about the patented laptop stand, or to order one, check out the website at: www.horizontalcomputing.comor call 408-966-4365.