PediaVision® is a medical device company providing comprehensive vision assessment technology to adults and children as young as 6 months old. Their latest innovation, Spot, is a patent-pending technology that can assess a child’s vision quickly and objectively, eliminating the subjective analysis that results from many of today's vision screening tools.


If you can take a picture, you can use Spot. Spot assesses a child’s vision quickly and objectively.

Geared toward children, the wireless, handheld, screen-anywhere device makes vision screening as easy as taking a photo, which is particularly important for toddlers and young children. Similar to a point-and-shoot camera, Spot captures results in less than one second, making it equally efficient for use in a physician's office or a large-scale public screening. For example, a typical school can be screened in one day, dramatically lowering the cost to screen students.

The demand for PediaVision’s advanced vision screening device, Spot, was outpacing traditional manufacturing techniques. The company required a vendor that could meet demanding lead times and offer safety grade materials, without sacrificing quality. “We needed to fill the gap between early stage development and hard tooling,” said Jeff Lammers, Lead Engineer at PediaVision. “Quickparts allowed us to test production quality prototypes months before traditional tooling would allow.”


The Spot device from PediaVision. Spot helps ensure children have an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Quickparts’ extensive product offering and instant quoting solution, QuickQuote®, provided PediaVision a single source solution to all their short-term housing needs. Within 7 days PediaVision received their prototype and was able to test with production material and production tolerances prior to going to hard tooling. .“Rapid prototyping allowed us to compress our schedule by 3-6 months,” said Lammers.

The cast urethane process combined with Quickparts manufacturing knowledge enabled PediaVision to reach production sooner. “Tooling is costly. Quickparts saved us time and money by allowing us to test pre-production prototypes before cutting hard tooling.”

Faced with an aggressive schedule and complex design requirements, Quickparts was able to provide PediaVision a one stop resource for all their housing needs. Their revolutionary product, Spot, advanced through early stage development to production faster, and more cost efficiently due to the product development expertise Quickparts offers. Lammers concluded, “We got to market faster and the pre-production prototypes were exactly what we needed. I would absolutely recommend Quickparts to anyone in need of custom manufactured high quality cast urethane parts.”

Patrick Hunter is the Vice President and General Manager of the On Demand Parts division of 3D Systems Corporation.