Even at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level, quality made in Germany is in great demand: The Bolivian plastics specialist Matriplast is probably the KRAIBURG TPE customers nearest to the sky. Together with the manufacturer of the THERMOLAST M compound, the company has recently brought a development project for an innovative new solution to completion. Matriplast produces closures for infusion bags that are made from the special medical series THERMOLAST® M.

These materials are certified for medical applications in most countries (USP Class VI, USP 661, ISO 10993-5, -10 and -11, as well as a Drug Master File). In addition, they can be processed very efficiently and hygienically. The TPEs can be sterilized in hot steam up to 135 °C and are available in hardness grades between 35 and 45 Shore A. What is more, they have resealing properties, which makes them of course predestined for use in infusion bags: As the TPE diaphragm is extremely elastic, it immediately seals the septum when the infusion line is removed from the bag.

"For this sophisticated medical product, I wanted to use the best available compounds. And these were available from KRAIBURG TPE. With this partner, I knew that I could rely on the most stringent safety and quality standards," explains Javier Alcoreza, managing director of Matriplast S.A.

Resealable infusion bag
Manfred Lautenbacher, who is the person responsible at KRAIBURG TPE for the Matriplast account is also full of praise: "This cooperation with a company in Bolivia is an excellent example of the benefits of our global network of sales agencies. Quality made in Germany is in great demand with customers everywhere, and we can provide this across the world."

When push comes to shove
In contrast to a conventional septum made in rubber, TPE has the added advantage that it can be processed by two-component injection molding bonded with PE and PP. There is thus no need for the manual assembly of the rubber bag closures, so that time and money can be saved while the risk of non-conforming bags is minimized. The new solution also does away with costly storage of the closure components and contamination of the septum is simply impossible. While rubber components always pose a risk of contamination with potentially hazardous substances produced in the chemical reaction, such contamination cannot occur with thermoplastic elastomers, as they are not cross-linked. All these factors ensure best possible hygiene for medical technical products.

Great services around the world
Matriplast has been impressed with the comprehensive service package of KRAIBURG TPE for its compounds for medical applications: The THERMOLAST® M compounds are manufactured in a separate dedicated production plant. This plant only processes raw materials that meet the standards for medical technical equipment so that the risk of contamination with other substances or with raw materials obtained from animals is eliminated. To maintain its high quality standard, KRAIBURG TPE guarantees buyers of its medical compounds range, not to change the formulation for at least two years. Internal instructions and regular training sessions for sales and development staff ensure consistent high quality standards and constant know-how transfer across the global network of KRAIBURG TPE.

KRAIBURG TPE manufactures thermoplastic elastomers based on HSBC (hydrogenated styrene block copolymers) and markets them all around the world. In addition to custom solutions, under the THERMOLAST® brand the company offers a broad spectrum of standardized compounds covering a wide range of applications. With its high-performance HIPEX® compound, KRAIBURG TPE is opening up the world of rubber for all thermoplastics processing companies and with the new compounds COPEC® and For-Tec E it is entering new dimensions in terms of haptics, adhesion and resistance for consumer electronics products. The TPE specialist has production sites in Germany, USA and Malaysia. The sales organization covers France, Italy, Spain, China, India, Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil. In further countries KRAIBURG TPE is represented by a distributor.

MATRIPLAST S.A. is leader in injection, blow, and injection blow molding in Bolivia. Since 1990, it has specialized in providing plastic containers and products to the pharmaceutical industry. It´s latest incursion is to produce high end products, such as the ASEPTIcap®, a two component injection resealable closure for infusion bags, using state of the art injection technology and a special TPE material from KRAIBURG TPE. Currently, Matriplast has production facilities in the cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz.