In general, newer doesn’t necessarily mean better – but in the case of the ResMed AirFit N10 Nasal CPAP Mask, newer just so happens to be a huge improvement.

As a company that has become known as one of the leading retailers for CPAP equipment since 2003, we have come to expect high-quality products from ResMed that almost always result in satisfied patients. Their newest mask release, called the AirFit line, has so far shown promise to become their most successful line to date. CPAP masks are not known as enjoyable items to wear – they help you breathe, but in the process they might make you feel claustrophobic or restrict your movement. They might block your line of sight and, if the mask doesn’t fit right, it can lead to air leaks that are as annoying as they are bad for your health. ResMed’s new N10 nasal mask design has found ways to address all of these issues (and then some).

As recently as last year, we were seeing the top nasal CPAP masks come to market chock full of hard plastic parts. They would have a piece that sat across your forehead with a pad underneath, therefore impeding your vision and making the mask more bulky. The new trend in masks, spearheaded by ResMed, is a design that is much more streamlined. The new AirFit nasal masks have no forehead piece and generally avoid covering your face more than absolutely necessary to hold themselves in place. The material is lighter and more flexible, which makes the mask both more comfortable and more durable (and more travel-friendly).

While, of course, no CPAP mask will fit every person (much in the same way that no pair of jeans will fit every person, despite a claim made several years ago by a popular young adult novel), ResMed makes a valiant effort to come close with the AirFit line. While things like facial structure and sleeping position can make a mask fit differently from person to person, ResMed’s N10 nasal mask is the first of its kind to incorporate magnetic clips so that the mask is easier to adjust and remove. It is also designed to be customizable – different headgear sizes as well as different cushion sizes are available, but all will fit together. (You could, theoretically, purchase the smallest headgear available with the biggest cushion they have. It would still work). Most masks are designed with the bell curve in mind – what design will fit the most people? Allowing for customization outside of the bell curve, however, can really determine a mask’s success in the CPAP market.

The comfort factor in the ResMed N10 mask is also impressive. Not only does the mask contain no hard plastic parts that lie uncomfortably against your face, but also the mask includes velcro pads to put over the straps so that they don’t cause red lines in your skin. And while it may seem obvious that comfort should be a priority when it comes to products to be worn while sleeping, there is actually a much bigger reason why CPAP masks absolutely should be designed with comfort in mind: compliance.

Think about it. If your Great Aunt Millie buys you a nightshirt that is too tight in some areas and that doesn’t allow you to move your arms, are you going to wear it? (Okay, not quite the same situation – the nightshirt probably isn’t going to save your life). Still, when people find their masks to be overly uncomfortable or overly restrictive, the likelihood that they are going to use their CPAP every night as directed is not nearly as good as it should be.

The reason we at The CPAP Shop are so excited about the new AirFit N10 mask from ResMed is that we truly believe it will make a difference in people’s lives and health. Its streamlined, minimally-invasive design will encourage people who struggle with mask comfort to comply with their CPAP therapy. Its various customizable parts will allow more people to enjoy the N10’s perks without sacrificing a proper mask fit.