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Although I'm passionate about what I do at MediPurpose and have admittedly been quite successful with our medical product marketing and distribution, it's not my style to pontificate, to offer unsolicited advice or to act like I'm an expert. This might seem a bit contradictory for somebody whose job primarily involves promoting and selling medical products!

However, it is my style and a critical component of my job to discover, analyze and integrate as much as I can about medical device innovations and medical product distribution channels and markets—which is why I am looking forward to exploring a number of frequently asked questions about medical product distribution, such as:

  • How do I avoid medical product distribution channel conflict?
  • Is my medical device appropriate for a medical product GPO contract?
  • How do I chose the appropriate medical product distribut?
  • What exactly is a "commodity," especially in the context of medical devices?

Since a blog is interactive—and since I don't want to dominate the conversation or pontificate—I'm hoping that as I provide you with my insights and perspectives, you'll use them to inspire your own insights and perspectives to share with me and the other medical device innovators that will hopefully be regular visitors to this blog.

With that said, I invite you to subscribe to the RSS feed so you can be alerted when a new blog is posted. And again, when they are, don't hesitate to comment or share your thoughts...even if it's not your style either! Together, we'll hopefully learn to make it our style to share our thoughts, ideas and yes, expertise.