Avalon Laboratories, LLC

Avalon Laboratories, LLC

2610 E. Homestead Pl.
Rancho Dominguez, California 90220
Phone: 310-761-8660
About the Company

Avalon, a Nordson Company, offers polymer science, unique engineering technology and innovation to provide new and distinctive solutions for medical device companies. Customer ideas quickly take shape into robust, feature-rich, quality medical devices.

Avalon offers customers engineering services with expertise in product development, material science, manufacturing and regulatory affairs that can assist with product approvals (FDA and
CE Mark). This expertise is complemented by high-quality, cost effective contract manufacturing in state-of-the-art FDA registered facilities.

Avalon's unique capabilities and aggressive cost structure is their polymer solution castingâ„¢ technology, which utilizes liquid polymers throughout the manufacturing process resulting in unique and specialized designs unobtainable by extrusion technology. This technology offers the ability to add multiple components, varying wall thickness or diameter along the length of the device. With polymer solution casting the process provides the ability to embed components in virtually any configuration.

Avalon can offer single to multi-lumens, coil, braid or hypotube reinforcements, bump tubing, imaging targets, custom reinforced tips, holes or ports, lubricious surfaces all in a single piece construction. This can be manufactured to be kink resistant, flexible with variable column strength as needed.

Avalon founded in 1990, is the world leading supplier of cardiopulmonary vascular cannulae, manufacturing more than eighty percent of all the wire reinforced cannulae used globally. Avalon develops, manufactures, and assembles custom catheters, shafts, sheaths and assemblies. Reinforced catheter manufacturing options include braids, coils, or hypotubes.