Channel Technologies Group

Channel Technologies Group

879 Ward Dr.
Santa Barbara, California 93111
Phone: 805-967-0171
About the Company

CTG, based in Santa Barbara, CA is the successor to a business founded in 1959, to manufacture piezoelectric ceramic products. CTG is the combination of Channel Industries, Inc (CII), International Transducer Center (ITC), and Sonatech (STI).

The fundamental technology underlying CTG is piezoelectric ceramics. This core technology extends through the ceramics, transducers, sonar and navigation systems, and now the emerging energy harvesting, or "green" applications that are designed and manufactured at CTG.

CTG is a vertically integrated manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramics, transducers made from its piezoelectric ceramics, and advanced sonar systems engineered from components including its ceramics and transducers.

CTG's products are used in mission-critical applications by end-users such as the US Navy, medical device manufacturers and underwater oil and gas exploration companies in applications where quality, performance, durability and product life are paramount.

CTG's capabilities and clearances enable it to design and develop classified mission systems for the US military and prime contractors.

CTG's fundamental knowledge of piezoelectric physics and its vertical integration give it a significant advantage in developing products and applications that meet its customers' exacting standards.

CTG is well-positioned for projects including those under joint development with prime contractors in the defense industry and companies serving the medical and clean energy markets.