Extrusion Alternatives, Inc.

Extrusion Alternatives, Inc.

19 Post Rd.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
Phone: 603-430-9600
About the Company


Extrusion Alternatives offers many material options to suit a wide array of tubing applications. We work closely with the leading PVC resin manufacturers like Alpha Gary, Colorite, and Teknor Apex to provide custom medical tubing made from innovative plasticizer formulations and the very latest medical compounds. In addition to these DEHP-Free and Phthalate-Free selections, we offer many alternatives to PVC including: Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Elastomers, and various multi-layer PVC-free formulations.

These flexible products are complemented by a full offering of rigid medical thermoplastics like LDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, and Nylon. All of these materials are virgin, non-regrind resins, from commercially available sources you know and trust. Our open market approach provides device manufacturers with the largest selection of material to design to, a clear path to regulatory compliance, and a non-proprietary basis to build devices from.

Tubing from Extrusion Alternatives is made to order and customized to your dimensional specifications. Sizes range from the super small dimensions of our microbore tubing used in catheter assemblies to the bigger diameters of our large bore tubing for insufflation and suction devices. We specialize in the extrusion of flexible, cut-to-length tubing components for common disposable medical products, such as: drainage lines, fluid IV administration sets, feeding tubes, and airway segments.

In addition to tubing we also offer low-cost extruded solutions for disposable guards, covers, protectors and sheathing for needles, instrument points, trocars, guidewires, and optical fibers. These custom products are made to customer specifications in rigid and semi-rigid polyolefins that can stand up to ETO and Gamma stabilization as well as autoclave cycles. Call on us for all your device protection and guarding needs.