Fallbrook Engineering, Inc.

Fallbrook Engineering, Inc.

355 W. Grand Ave. Suite 4
Escondido, California 92025
Phone: 760-489-5400
About the Company

Fallbrook Engineering is a contract product development, management and engineering services consulting firm.

We accelerate companies' introduction of new products into the marketplace. We are experts in the design and development of diagnostic and therapeutic systems, processes, components and products. We improve manufacturing methods. We solve manufacturing problems. We provide full regulatory support for your compliance needs.

Fallbrook Engineering provides engineering design and product development for any circumstance, including rapid execution of projects that exceed the availability or expertise of your existing staff, or time critical projects that cannot wait for the hiring and training of new personnel. We are quickly available to respond to any project requirements, providing models, prototypes and tooling design, as well as process and equipment development.

Fallbrook Engineering has been the source for conscientious engineering consultation and creative product development support since 1981.