Metrigraphics, LLC

Metrigraphics, LLC

50 Concord St.
Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887
Phone: 978-658-6100
About the Company

At Metrigraphics, we have made a successful business helping make Small Things from Big Ideas.

We have perfected our three Core technologies to selectively enable OEM’s to take their dreams of breaking size  barriers in Medical, BioPharma, Photonics, Motion Control and Computer Hardware and Peripherals by enabling devices with feature sizes as small as 2.5 microns, metal layers up to 6, and bio-compatibility and FDA-level cleanliness and controls.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors further by the following:

  • Impeccable levels of quality and customer satisfaction
  • Full service vendor, with capabilities to handle from one prototype to tens of thousands of devices per week
  • Committed personnel with an average length of employment of almost 20 years
  • Continually exploring new materials and processes to better serve the changing demands of the marketplace

At Metrigraphics, we understand how to apply our Core technologies of Photolithography, Thin Film Processing, and Precision Electroforming to support your custom applications in a wide variety of market needs.