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About the Company

Your Medical Partner

Innovative Products
Nordson MEDICAL makes and markets an innovative line of fluid management components, biomaterial delivery devices, and catheter solutions. The Value Plastics line of fluid management components includes stopcocks, quick connect fittings, luer fittings, check valves, tube-to-tube fittings, threaded fittings, sanitary fittings, and blood pressure monitoring components. Our biomaterial delivery devices are proven products for accurate and precise delivery of biomaterials including tissue sealants, hemostats, adhesion barriers, and other autologous or synthetic biomaterials required in surgical applications. The Avalon product line includes cannulae, wire-reinforced catheters (braid, coil or hypotube shafts) and specialized medical tubing. Our polymer solution casting™ technology provides the ability to add multiple components, varying wall thickness or diameter along the length of a medical device.

Extensive Capabilities
Nordson MEDICAL has expertise in engineering, manufacturing, assembly, quality, regulatory compliance, distribution and more.

Unmatched Service
With a solid reputation for quality, service, and reliability, Nordson MEDICAL can provide the detailed support you need from idea to market. All products can be customized to meet your specific user requirements.

Keeping the Community Informed
Nordson MEDICAL is keeping the community apprised of new developments by providing a unified information source in one web location.