Si-Cal Technologies, Inc.

Si-Cal Technologies, Inc.

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11 Walkup Drive
Westborough, Massachusetts 01581
United States
About the Company

Si-Cal Technologies, A Nissha Company, is a roll to roll screen printer with state of the art German equipment based in the Boston area.  We can print multiple layers of conductive / functional inks or graphics for medical devices with exceptional registration onto webs of film up to 20” wide and film thickness ranging from 0.001” to 0.010” wide.  We have thermal and UV curing capability.  Si-Cal has been in business for over 35 years starting with heat transfer labels and in the last 12 years expanding business into printed electronics for medical devices in the areas of EKG/ECG, Iontophoretic Drug Delivery patches, blood flow stimulation devices, oxygen sensors and defibrillator devices. Si-Cal can also manage and provide downstream converting services to build your medical device that uses the conductive printed material.

Company Products

Functional Printing Applications with Si-Cal

Our materials technology and manufacturing process have advanced to the point today where we can...