Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

4749 Tolbut St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136
Phone: 215-335-3005
About the Company

Who we are
Stockwell Elastomerics is a manufacturer of custom gaskets and elastomeric components for the fast paced and demanding requirements of the technology equipment sector where service conditions frequently require high performance materials.

What we do
We realize the rubber gasket is often the last component specified in the technology equipment sector. So we support design teams with the engineering assistance required to complete their design and move into initial production quickly and effectively.

How we do it
Stockwell Elastomerics has on-site adhesive lamination, water jet cutting, custom rubber molding, die cutting and a process designed to support fast-turn prototyping and initial production to meet the needs of the Technology Equipment sector.

For the Medical Equipment Sector

Stockwell Elastomerics provides many components to the Medical Diagnostics Devices industry, including:

Compression molded silicone gaskets
Injection molded liquid silicone rubber components
Fabricated silicone rubber gaskets
Solid silicone gaskets
PORON® gaskets
Silicone plenum gaskets
Electrically conductive components
EMI shielding gaskets
Semi-conductive carbon-filled silicone rubber gaskets and pads
Silicone sealing gaskets

These uses often require gaskets or pads with special properties for resiliance, longevity, and inertness or that meet special requirements for electrical conductivity, ESD protection and EMI shielding.

Send us a dxf file for water jet cut prototypes.