SciFri 061512 Hour 1: Emergency Contraception, Microbiome Project, Bacterial Armor, Sylvia Earle

How the morning-after pill works, scoping out the trillions of germs that call the healthy human body home, seeing a bacterial protective protein coat, and a tour of Sylvia Earle's desk.

SciFri 061512 Hour 2: Dating Cave Art, Peter Piot, Visualizing Statistics

Dating a red disk painted in a Spanish cave over 40,800 years ago, a virus hunter recalls the discovery of Ebola and HIV, and how turning data into faces makes people take notice.

SciFri 060112 Hour 2: Technology and Health Care, Remembering a Son in Immortal Bird

Got high blood pressure? There is an app for that! Plus, a father reflects on family life, heartbreaking loss, and how he thinks the medical system failed his son.

SciFri 060112 Hour 1: Paralysis Rehab, Ignorance, Muck-Dwelling Microbes, Glowing Millipede

Paralyzed rats regain their footing, why ignorance is key to scientific discovery, a look at two different microbes and their unusual stories, and glowing millipedes.

SciFri 051112 Hour 1: Hidden Racial Bias and Voting, The Push for a Science Debate

A new study shows hidden racial attitudes are playing a role in the 2012 presidential vote. Plus, a grassroots group is calling for a presidential debate based on science and technology issues.

SciFri 051112 Hour 2: Steganography, Obesity Documentary, Disease Detectives, Garbage-Men

Hiding messages in information, the documentary series The Weight of the Nation, tracking down a norovirus outbreak, and a band that plays trashy instruments.


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