COLD SPRING HARBOR, N.Y., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- AccuVein LLC today announced it had signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the Medipath Division of Morepen Laboratories to sell the AV300 vein finder in India. With this new agreement AccuVein has now signed 30 distributors worldwide.

The AccuVein AV300 helps healthcare professionals locate veins for blood draw, IV infusion and blood donation by projecting a pattern of light on patient's skin that reveals the position of underlying veins.  This 10-ounce, hand-held device is available with a range of hands-free options so that it can quickly free the practitioner's hands to perform the venipuncture.

"India is a country of over 1 billion people where emphasis on quality healthcare continues to rise," pointed out AccuVein VP of Marketing Vinny Luciano. "We are excited to have Morepen on board.  They have an established track record in providing high-quality medical products to hospitals and other healthcare providers in India, and the AV300 should help these facilities improve patient care and reduce costs."

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