The SME Education Foundation continues to expand its influence through industry alliances supporting issues critical to the manufacturing industrial community.

DEARBORN, Mich., May 25, 2010—Brian Ruestow, operations manager, F. W. Roberts Manufacturing, Inc., and vice president/secretary of the Board of Directors of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Education Foundation, has been named to the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) of ABET (Applied Science, Computing, Engineering, and Technical Education) Inc.

The IAC provides a forum for senior executives and leaders, representing a cross-section of industry and government, to exchange views with ABET and each other on common issues relating to quality assurance and continuous improvement of engineering, technology, computing and applied science education. The IAC elicits advice and counsel from others in matters affecting ABET policies, plans and actions.

It also strives to continuously increase each members understanding of and appreciation for ABET's purposes, programs and operating environment and to build stronger relationships between ABET and the industrial community.

In the past, the IAC has been active in providing input to ABET concerning significant changes to the accreditation process. The IAC has also discussed demographic work force trends and the importance of management teams that are representative of this diversity.

As part of the IAC's charge to provide input, members have prepared several papers on topics such as Ethics, International Mobility of Licensed Engineers, Distance Education, and Diversity. These valuable viewpoints from industry leaders are provided to ABET stakeholders for their information and response.

ABET, Inc., is a federation of 31 professional technical societies that represent more than 1.3 million individual engineers and technical professionals. Quality assurance of education is the main objective of ABET and its accreditation commissions.

As the agency in the United States responsible for accreditation of educational programs leading to post-secondary degrees in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology, ABET carries out a comprehensive process of monitoring, evaluation, and accreditation of educational programs.

ABET also provides guidance to academic institutions for the improvement of existing degree programs and the development of new programs, and provides leadership for the promotion and advancement of education with a view of furthering public welfare through development of a better educated and qualified professional.

The ABET Industry Advisory Council was established in 1991 to provide counsel, guidance, and support by defining, documenting and expressing industry and government views and perspectives that will inspire and enhance ABET policies, plans and actions.

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