RSLSteeper's bebionic advanced hand prosthesis is finally unveiled; an overview

RSLSteeper's bebionic advanced hand prosthesis finally unveiled: The bebionic fully articulating myo-electric prosthetic hand from RSLSteeper of Kent, U.K., was officially launched at the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics World Congress Meeting and Orthopädie + Reha-Technik Trade Show in Leipzig, Germany. The hand can be used with a wrist unit that provides powered rotation and flexion/extension; when ordering you'll be able to select the tone of the silicone skin wrapped around the mechanical part and even the shape of the nails.

Mac EMR software overview: Apple computers have been finding favor with many doctors out there who like the interface and look and feel of Macs. Electronic medical records software, though, is almost exclusively made for Windows machines. Yet there are some viable options for those that prefer to stick with Apple in their office; Software Advice has prepared a quick overview of EMRs for Macs.

Fraunhofer develops a synthetic corneal prosthesis: Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research in Potsdam-Golm, Germany, developed a corneal prosthesis made of plastic. Currently, the only option to replace a damaged or diseased cornea is by corneal transplantation, but there is a shortage of donor corneas. The development of a synthetic prosthesis is challenging because it should be incorporated by surrounding tissue, but the optical region should stay clear. Also the material should moisten by tear fluid in order to reduce friction. To reach these goals, the researchers used a hydrophobic polymer material and coated the edge with special polymers and growth factor. The first prosthesis was successfully implanted in 2009. Once commercialized, the prosthesis will compete with other synthetic prostheses already on the market, such as the Boston Keratoprosthesis and the AlphaCor.

Volcano's PrimeWire PRESTIGE wins FDA and EU clearances: San Diego, Calif.-based Volcano Corp. (NSDQ:VOLC) won 510(k) clearance from the Food & Drug Administration, landed CE Mark approval in the Eropean Union and announced the first clinical use for its PrimeWire PRESTIGE pressure guidewire for use in patients who have both single-vessel and multi-vessel coronary artery disease. The next-generation guidewire provides functional measurements of blood pressure and flow parameters from inside the vessel to aid physicians in multi-vessel disease decision-making.

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