MedGadget's MedTech Monday: Study reveals acupuncture's ability to reduce pain

Study reveals acupuncture's ability to reduce pain: A team of researchers led by Dr. Maiken Nedergaard of the University of Rochester have discovered why acupuncture is able to alleviate pain. Surprisingly, it isn't all attributable to the placebo effect. In a study published online this weekend in Nature Neuroscience, mice with sore paws were given half-hour acupuncture sessions. The researchers found that rotation of the acupuncture needles damaged tissue, which caused a release of adenosine, a known anti-inflammatory mediator. Mice which lacked adenosine receptors did not benefit from acupuncture treatment, which further supports the study's findings.

Pantec's laser skin drug delivery system lands EU OK: Pantec to market its P.L.E.A.S.E. (Painless Laser Epidermal System) transdermal drug delivery device. The system uses a laser to create micropores in the skin through which high-molecular-weight drugs are painlessly delivered.

BIOTRONIK unveils paclitaxel-releasing balloon: BIOTRONIK launched the Pantera Lux balloon catheter featuring a matrix of paclitaxel and a biocompatible carrier. The device was designed for treating coronary lesions that have occluded post-implantation of a stent. The treatment allows for reopening of the vessel without having to put in another stent.

OrthoDynamix wins FDA nod for ArthroSteer 3.5mm ablator: OrthoDynamix of Jacksonville, Fla., received 510(k) clearance from the Food & Drug Administration for its ArthroSteer 3.5 mm ablator. The device expands the existing line of ArthroSteer instruments, which feature a 180-degree bendable distal shaft and 360-degree rotatable tip. The ArthroSteer 3.5-mm Ablator is a mono polar electrosurgical instrument with ablation, resection, excision, hemostasis and coagulation applications for all sorts of arthroscopic procedures.

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