MedGadget's MedTech Monday: Zargis Telemed débuts tele-auscultation

Zargis Telemed débuts tele-auscultation: Zargis Medical launched the ZargisTelemed platform, which streams the heart and lung sounds to anywhere in the world. The sounds are transmitted in real-time either over the internet or a private network allowing for remote diagnosis and expert opinions. It can be installed on a private server or accessed from Zargis' servers. The software is integrated with the Cardioscan heart sounds analysis software and the Zargis StethAssist heart and lung sounds visualization software.

St. Jude's Epiducer percutaneous lead delivery system wins CE Mark: St. Jude Medical announced European approval of its Epiducer lead delivery device. The system is designed for use in the implantation of paddle leads, which are used in neurostimulation therapy to treat patients suffering from chronic pain. By making lead implantation possible through a single, minimally invasive incision, the Epiducer system improves on traditional, more invasive methods of lead delivery.

Covidien's V-Loc knotless wound closure devices: Covidien launched the V-Loc 90 device, the newest in its line of V-Loc knotless wound closure devices. The first one, the V-Loc 180 was launched late last year. The devices use a uni-directional barbed thread which fixates itself in the tissue, with a loop at the start of the thread which anchors it securely at the beginning of the incision. Standard suturing techniques can be used, but without the need to tie knots to fixate the suture. This way tension is distributed more evenly and wounds can be closed more quickly than with conventional sutures. The V-Loc 180's suture material is completely absorbed in 180 days, while the V-Loc 90's thread is absorbed in 90 to 110 days.

Abbott's TREK coronary balloon catheter rolls out in Europe: Abbott received the CE Mark and launched the TREK and the smaller TREK-MINI coronary balloon dilation catheters in Europe. The company is touting the ground-up redesign of the catheters, emphasizing the continuous smoothness of their surface that should help in getting the balloon to target.

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