London, 15th June 2010 – Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing and client virtualization, today announced how its client Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH), one of the UK's leading dental groups, has reached a major milestone in replacement of PC-based practice systems with a new solution based on the latest client virtualisation technology from Wyse.

IDH serves over two million patients and a network of over 250 practices in the UK. With over 1500 professionals, the IDH is committed to leading the way in patient care by encouraging practices to share the benefits of its network.

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As part of its professional network, IDH provides the 250 dental practices country-wide with IT support. As part of an initiative to review current systems and both reduce costs and tighten IT security, IDH decided to replace current standard PCs with thin clients.

A key requirement of IDH was that the system would be simple and easy to set up and manage in its many dental practices dispersed around the UK.   IDH selected Wyse S10 thin clients because these small, light weight units that take up less space than comparable PCs, while providing access to the same applications and data.

Matthew Bullock, head of IT, IDH commented: “Following the successful pilot, we decided to roll out thin clients across all the practices with currently 1000 installed in 100 sites across the country.  With the deployment of Wyse thin clients, we have reduced maintenance costs and resource as well as the cost associated with PC support”.

Unlike personal computers, which require a great deal of maintenance and up-keep, the Wyse thin computing removes all local data storage and administration and puts it in a single central location.  The thin clients also have no local storage devices and are therefore not vulnerable to malware as long as the back-end servers are protected.

With Wyse’s thin clients in place, IDH is seeing a rapid decline in support calls from users of the thin clients. As Matthew explains: “The decline in the volume of support calls was astronomically different to the time when we had standard PCs installed across all sites. One difference that was felt across the practices was that starting up the devices literally takes twenty seconds from pressing the power button; something which was never the case with the PCs.”

David Angwin, director of marketing, EMEA, Wyse Technology said: “IDH is a superb example of how a client virtualisation project can be deployed rapidly and deliver compelling results in terms of time and resource saving.”

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