Weekly Wireless Roundup: Japanese doc uses iPad during surgery

Japanese doc uses iPad during surgery: A Japanese surgeon at Kobe University used an iPad to review abdominal CT images during surgery. The iPad is carefully wrapped in plastic, yet the touchscreen still seems to respond very well even to gloved fingers.

Dell, Practice Fusion team up on EMR offering: Dell teamed up with Practice Fusion to offer small physician practices packaged electronic medical record systems. Just like ordering any other Dell products, you can easily outfit your office with Dell machines already running Practice Fusion's free and popular EMR package. Our friends at MedGadget have been impressed with Practice Fusion's free offering, which uses an advertising-supported business model, because "it competes handily with the pricey big boys out there," they say.

Duke Medical School adopts virtual reality medical simulator: Duke University School of Medicine is teaming up with Virtual Heroes, a software simulation company out of Raleigh, N.C., to utilize the firm's HumanSim package as a tool for "healthcare team communication training; medical device and pharma product education; patient education; medical recertification; clinical trial education; CME courses; and healthcare quality assurance training."

Games For Health 2010: "Disney-esque" laparoscopy surgical training game: Serious game development company Grendel Games presented a very unique product at Games for Health: A laparoscopy training game that has almost nothing to do with laparoscopy. To paint a clearer picture, last time we checked there weren't any mad scientists, robots, or goop that turn into monsters in laparoscopic procedures. However, this is exactly the point. The speaker, Tim Laning, boldly proclaimed "This is not a simulator, this is a seriously entertaining game."

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