BioElectronics Corporation (PINKSHEETS: BIEL), developers of innovative pain-relieving medical devices, announces today an expansion in their Direct Response Television (DRTV) efforts to United Kingdom (UK) and Canada.

As part of its brand-building initiative, BioElectronics' brand managers are assuming direct control of the DRTV and advertising in Canada and UK. In the UK, BioElectronics has hired B2C International ( ( ) as a consultant that will support entrance into the UK market and future access to the rest of Europe.

"Our main goal is to perfect our in-house expertise in DRTV campaigns and advertising, while providing significant contributions to our profits," said Arnon Horev, VP of Sales & Marketing at BioElectronics. "We will also benefit from greater flexibility in presenting product improvements and optimizing pricing points."

"We are very excited about the opportunity to support the Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy and ActiPatch@ launch in the UK," said Mike DeVere, CEO of B2C. "In addition to a successful campaign in the UK, we will be developing the campaigns in other major European markets."

For the new Canadian purchase website, please visit ( .

About BioElectronics CorporationBioElectronics Corporation (PINKSHEETS: BIEL) is the maker of safe, inexpensive, drug-free medical devices and patches that deliver pulsed electromagnetic energy to relieve pain and inflammation. The company's wafer thin patches contain an embedded microchip and battery that deliver pulsed electromagnetic energy, a clinically proven and widely accepted anti-inflammatory and pain relief therapy that heretofore has only been possible to obtain from large, facility-based equipment. BioElectronics markets and sells its current products under the brand names ActiPatch, RecoveryRx, Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy and HealFast Therapy for cats, dogs and horses. The company is headquartered in Frederick, MD. For more information, visit ( .

About B2C InternationalB2C International exists to create maximum profit for mass appeal products. We're experienced specialists in full-service DRM Direct Response Marketing. Using a proven methodology of response focused advertising on TV and the internet, we create powerful sales motivation to sell directly off-screen or online. Additional sales and up-selling is created by telemarketing. We undertake cross country creative adaptation to maximize sales across the EU countries and consult on EU legal compliance. For more information, visit (