LabSmith, Inc, developer of tools for science, including equipment for micro/nano-fluidics and other laboratory research, has partnered with Harvard Apparatus, a Harvard Bioscience company, to distribute its CapTite™ microfluidic components through the new Harvard Apparatus 2010 Physiology Catalog.

“A distribution partnership between Harvard Apparatus and LabSmith holds a great deal of value for our customers,” said Yolanda Fintschenko, Director of New Technologies, Marketing and Sales for LabSmith. 


“Harvard Apparatus’s strong presence in laboratory fluidics for life sciences, particularly for cell biology and cell electrophysiology, meshes perfectly with LabSmith’s expertise in controlling all aspects of microfluidic experimentation. The arrangement also makes it very easy for our customers who hold existing purchase agreements with Harvard Apparatus to obtain CapTite™ components through their JIT purchasing process.” 

LabSmith’s CapTite™ products, which are based on components invented at Sandia National Laboratories, include breadboards, interconnects, valves, cartridges, syringe pumps and other components for building snap-together microfluidic and nanofluidic setups. CapTite™ components are available for use with 360 micron, 1/16” and 1/32” tubing. All products are designed for zero dead volumes and easy cleaning, ensuring long life over multiple runs. 


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