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Pharmaceutical M&A in the Asia-Pacific Region – India and China drive regional activity but Japan still dominates high value transactions–--India-and-China-drive-regional-activity-but-Japan-still-dominates-high-value-transactions.html

IntroductionExpanding healthcare coverage in emerging Asia-Pacific markets, rapid economic growth and burgeoning middle classes are attracting foreign M&A as companies attempt to offset future losses from the looming threat of the 2011 "patent cliff" and slowing growth in major developed markets. As these markets develop, consolidation of the domestic industry is also driving M&A in the Asia-Pacific region.

Scope*Provides an overview of the healthcare systems and pharmaceutical markets of key countries within Asia-Pacific.

*Overview of drivers, resistors and trends within the Asia-Pacific M&A landscape.

*Analysis of the types of acquisitions and healthcare sectors targeted.

*Analysis of geographic M&A activity and transaction values.

HighlightsSluggish performance in the major pharmaceutical markets prompted by growing generic competition and increasing healthcare cost-containment are forcing companies to seek opportunities elsewhere. Massive populations, rapid economic growth and burgeoning middle classes make emerging Asia-Pacific markets particularly attractive t