Dynamic supply chain optimization capabilities and near real-time visibility to detailed supply chain events are key requirements to thriving within the complex and shifting international transportation and global trade environment, according to the Aberdeen Group report, International Transportation: Optimize Cost and Service in a Global Market,

Customer demands for high delivery performance (27% to 35%) and the increased demand for accurate delivery status and cost information is driving the need to ensure shipment integrity and enhance internal/external communications across the entire supply chain.

"In the past, many organizations were blind to shipment details within the transportation pipeline. Inbound transportation is particularly troublesome since shipments are often in the hands of trading partners, carriers, or suppliers; severely limiting visibility," said Bob Heaney, Senior Supply Chain Analyst at the Aberdeen Group.

Along with demands for new levels of visibility, (45% of all respondents indicate they currently use supply chain visibility software) there are new demands from other internal groups to have visibility into this information as well as automated global trade compliance data.

"The key takeaway is that there is a minimum level of visibility, communication, and optimization that is required to balance all these competing pressures. As we shall see, this balance is critical. Today's leaders, more than ever, have mandates to reduce transportation spending while improving the frequency of delivery without diminishing the accuracy of shipments and customer service," explains Heaney.

Between June and July 2010, Aberdeen surveyed 181 companies documenting their processes and capabilities regarding international transportation. Click here to obtain a complimentary copy of the report.