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When final, this document will supersede Review Criteria for Assessment of Laboratory Tests for the Detection of Antibodies to Helicobacter Pylori dated September 17, 1992.


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Use of endoscopic diagnostic tests to diagnose H. pylori infection

Pre-therapy DiagnosisPre-therapy Diagnosis
Test ResultPatient StatusTest ResultPatient Status
Three Tests Available
--+Not Infected--+Infected
-+-Not Infected-+-Infected
---Not Infected---Eradicated
Two Tests Available
-+N/ANot evaluable-+N/AInfected
--N/ANot infected--N/AEradicated
-N/A+Not evaluable*-N/A+Infected
-N/A-Not Infected-N/A-Eradciated
N/A+-Not evaluableN/A+-Infected
N/A-+Not evaluable*N/A-+Infected
N/A--Not infectedN/A--Eradicated
One Test Available
-N/AN/ANot evaluable-N/AN/ANot evaluable
N/AN/A+Not evaluable*N/AN/A+Infected
N/AN/A-Not evaluableN/AN/A-Not evaluable
N/A+N/ANot evaluableN/A+N/AInfected
N/A-N/ANot evaluableN/A-N/ANot evaluable

N/A - Indicates not evaluable or missing result

* - Patients with a single positive urease test at baseline may be more appropriately considered infected.