The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Special Interest Groups Reproductive Surgery and Andrology invite you to this campus course where scientists and clinicians will discuss reproductive surgery in female and male patients. This course is intended for specialist physicians and surgeons, nurse specialists and clinical scientists.

During the workshop fertility experts from in and outside of Europe will announce the following research findings:

  • Female and male congenital tract anomalies and their implications for infertility
  • Debate: Varicocele to treat or not to treat?
  • Surgery for post infection obstructions in women and for male genital obstructions
  • Micro-TESE
  • Birefringence a tool for sperm selection in ICSI cycles
  • The psychological impact of infertility on men
  • Epidemiology of male/female sterilization and reversal
  • Sterilisation and vasectomy reversal

Reproductive medicine is one of today's most exciting scientific and clinical areas. Every month brings announcements of research developments, medical 'firsts', new rulings by regulatory bodies, or ethical controversies often sparking a heated debate among practitioners in the field, ethicists, legislators, the media and the public. You have the opportunity to hear the latest research during ESHRE's workshops.