This substantial investment comes from A2D Invest, Alliansys, Finorpa, Inovam, Rhône-Alpes-Création, and business angels (Nord, XMP-BA & IT @ngels) and will be used for delivering initial stand-alone products for instrumentation and defense as well as creating partnerships for integration into mobile phone front-end modules.

DelfMEMS proposes a new integrated micro-mechanical building block that is based on a strong, totally new IP portfolio that solves past issues and substantially improves hot switching behavior, switching time (<1&mu;s) ,and power consumption (12V actuation voltage, electrostatic). ''DelfMEMS&rsquo; technology enables its customers to increase bandwidth while minimizing cost, size, and consumption,&rdquo; explains Olivier Millet, CEO of DelfMEMS.

&ldquo;These funds will enable us to develop dedicated Thin Film Packaging that offers the full benefits of the DelfMEMS technology and complete integration at a lower cost.'' DelfMEMS is currently engaged in discussions with over 50 companies and is signing its first co-development contracts for various applications.

&ldquo;We are extremely impressed with DelfMEMS&rsquo;s disruptive technology,&rdquo; states Mathieu Viallard, investment officer, Rh&ocirc;ne-Alpes Cr&eacute;ation. &ldquo;We anticipate that it will achieve the highest technical standards required for the tunable module market,&rdquo; he adds. The investment also marks an important step for this VC. &ldquo;This fundraising proves that regional VCs can work hand-inhand to support cutting- edge start-ups.&rdquo;

DelfMEMS believes in close collaboration with VCs to maximize benefits for all parties. Finorpa, Inovam & Nord Cr&eacute;ation, the earlier investors in DELFMEMS, actively work with the management team and are convinced that DelfMEMS will become a leading player in the MEMS field. &ldquo;DelfMEMS&rsquo; innovative proposition and technological milestones demonstrate their ability to deliver future quality products,&rdquo; says Thierry Chevallier, investment Director, Finorpa. &ldquo;The recent capital increase will help in achieving the product roadmap and securing clients for DelfMEMS&rsquo; technology.&rdquo;

About DelfMEMS DelfMEMS is a leading provider of radiofrequency switching solutions based on MEMS technology. Founded in 2005 by Olivier Millet (CEO) and Karim Segueni (CTO), DelfMEMS&rsquo; R&D team created the DimSYS anchorless MEMS technology.

Industrialization in a 6'' silicon foundry started in 2007, where a proven stand-alone SPnTs as well as an integrated design kit solution for postprocessing MEMS on top of CMOS or IPD (Integrated Passive Device) wafers for large volume applications and/or dedicated systems are in final development stages. For the latter, DelfMEMS creates mechanical designs according to exact specification requirements. Based on a strong and novel MEMS IP, DelfMEMS is in a position to extend its technology to variable

capacitors, relays, optical devices, memory components, and sensors.

The RF MEMS switch technology developed by DelfMEMS enables their customers to design systems such as :

&bull; Reconfigurable power amplifiers,

&bull; Tunable filters,

&bull; Adaptive matching networks for antennas,

&bull; Agile transceivers.

About DelfMEMS

DelfMEMS develops and markets radiofrequency switches based on MEMS technology. Customers are Automatic Test Equipment manufacturers, RF front-end modules manufacturers, semiconductor industry, telecom infrastructures manufacturers, etc. We enable them to increase productivity and to decrease costs. For more information : &


Following on the success of its venture capital subsidiary EXPANSINVEST, which holds fifty participations in the Rhone-Alpes and PACA regions, the Banque Populaire des Alpes has strengthened its regional capital investment from launching a new structure: Alps Sustainable Development Investments (A2D INVEST). A2D INVEST was founded in 2009 with an overall investment of 10 million Euros over four years. A2DINVEST performs seed-money investments in companies involved in renewable energy, respect of the environment projects, or in projects bringing progress in the fields of medicine and biotechnology. For more information


About Finorpa

With almost &euro; 100 million of assets under management and an annual capacity of intervention of &euro; 22m, the group Finorpa is today a leader in the Nord-Pas de Calais on the market for investment funds equity and quasi equity in SMEs.

About Inovam

The result of a public - private partnership in 2002, Inovam is a seed fund and venture capital, which management has been entrusted to the Regional Institute for Development (IRD). Inovam aims to achieve long-term financing operations minority contributing to the creation of firms in the ICT, electronics, biotechnology, or whose activity is related to technology and scientific progress. It occurs at 50 K to 200 K &euro; &euro;, for an initial investment and displays 25 investments to date.

About Nord Cr&eacute;ation

A subsidiary of IRD, Nord Cr&eacute;ation is a private equity firm specializing in developing long-term financing operations minority in SMEs / SMIs in the Nord Pas-de-Calais all sectors. Nord Cr&eacute;ation invests between &euro; 50 and 200 K / intervention to accompany creative projects, development, transfer or reclassification of shareholders. The IRD Group has a portfolio of over 300 entries active

for 54 million &euro;, with 85 transactions in 2009 to invest &euro; 12 million ..

About Rhone-Alpes Cr&eacute;ation

Founded in 1989, Rhone-Alpes Cr&eacute;ation is a private Venture Capital Company (RSC) with a capital of 17 million Euros, which invests in innovative start-ups based in the Rhone-Alpes region. Since its inception, Rhone-Alpes Cr&eacute;ation has invested in more than 200 companies and currently has 60 participations in its portfolio. For more information http: //

About IT @ngels

IT @ ngel includes Business Angels specialize in the field of telecommunications, computing and the Internet. The mission is to facilitate the creation or resumption of innovative companies by linking investors with members of IT @ ngel. IT @ ngel is composed of recognized personalities from the telecommunications, computer and internet, either as entrepreneur or as an influential member of the major companies in the sector. Our members and invest in projects with high growth potential and provide assistance through their network of contacts and experience.

About XMP-BA

XMP-Business Angels aims linking: Some contractors regardless of their training and / or their origin, active in all sectors and across regions, creators and developers of projects in emerging and innovative potential of commercial development, technical or industrial. Investors private individuals (business angels, graduates of the Grandes Ecoles or Scientific Techniques such as the

Ecole Polytechnique, Ecoles des Mines, Ecole des Ponts et Chauss&eacute;es, ENST, ENSTA, Supa&eacute;ro, Supelec. ..)