NEW YORK, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Global Pico Projector By Application, Technology & Products Market (2010-2014).

REPORT DESCRIPTIONPico projectors are an emerging technology set to revolutionize the global projector market by making projectors portable enough to fit into a person's pocket. Pico projectors can be in form of a small handheld device, or in the form of a tiny light-engine added as an accessory to consumer electronics such mobile phones, cameras, laptops, and PDAs.

There were over 130 pocket projectors commercially available in 2009, a dramatic change from around 10 models in the market in 2008. The report gives insights to the market trends and the high-growth segments of the global pico projector market. The market is currently in a nascent, high-growth phase, and thus presents plentiful opportunities to early entrants. Market players also have significant R&D possibilities for future growth.

Most projectors currently available are of the stand-alone or media player variety, which can be attached to any media device through external ports and hence can be used with multiple gadgets. However, as the market matures further, projectors that can be embedded in consumer electronics are expected to have the highest market share.

AAXA, Aiptek, Optoma, Samsung, and 3M have already rolled out their pico projectors in the market. Nikon is offering a projector came