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Sanofi-Aventis: PharmaVitae Profile


This analysis examines the historical and forecast performance for Sanofi-Aventis in the pharmaceutical sector. The profile encompasses global company strategy, portfolio and pipeline analysis and assessment of financial per


About the PharmaVitae team 2

Chapter 1 About this profile 3

PharmaVitae Explorer database 3

Chapter structure 3

Executive summary 3

Quarterly update 3

Company introduction 3

Company sales 4

Company financials 4

Key products 4

Data sourcing 4

Sales data 4

Analyst consensus 4

Chapter 2 Executive summary 5

Key findings 5

Prescription pharmaceutical sales and growth rate performance, 2003-15 6

Financial performance, 2003-15 7

Sanofi-Aventis: PharmaVitae forecasts at a glance 8

Strategic insight 9

Diversification is priority for new CEO 9

M&A a key tool to achieve diversification targets 9

Sanofi Pasteur is central to diversified business model 11

Increasing RoW presence is at heart of diversification strategy 12

Parallel diversification occurring across Big Pharma peer set 12

Diversification will struggle to address near-term impact of generic exposure 13

SWOT analysis 14

Strengths 14

Weaknesses 16

Opportunities 16

Threats 18

Table of Contents 20

Table of figures 2