eWLB is an innovative technology that offers a high performance, power efficient semiconductor solution for the wireless and consumer markets. Through a combination of traditional 'front-end' and 'back-end' semiconductor manufacturing techniques with parallel processing of all the chips on the wafer, eWLB delivers a higher integration level and greater number of contact elements at a reduced manufacturing cost as compared to other packaging technology available today.

"Our record ramp of eWLB is significant because it indicates this technology is quickly gaining acceptance as the package of choice for mobile applications. Our strong commitment and razor-sharp focus on delivering the most cost effective eWLB packaging solution to the market is clearly being well received by customers," said Wan Choong Hoe, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, STATS ChipPAC. "We believe eWLB offers significant benefits to our customers and will continue to expand the number of highly integrated wafer-level packages manufactured with eWLB technology."

STATS ChipPAC recently introduced 300mm eWLB wafer manufacturing capabilities which will increase the available capacity with significant cost and productivity advantages. The Company is actively developing next generation eWLB technology to enable larger package sizes, higher Input/Output (I/O) density and 3D Package on Package (PoP) solutions to address a wider application market.

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Figure caption: STATschipPAC is the first company to leverage eWLB production on 300mm infrastructure