Now that the industry is in recovery mode, many material handling and logistics industry professionals are seeking new hires and correspondingly, many prospective employees are posting resumes on the The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) Career Center Web site.

The MHEDA Career Center offerings include the ability to:

  • Post job openings
  • Search for students who are eager to work in this industry
  • Search for material handling professionals who are currently seeking employment

Two changes were recently made to the MHEDA Career Center to provide you with added benefits.

1. More Resumes to Search

In addition to student resumes, unemployed material handling professionals can now post resumes on the site. With the challenges we all faced in 2009, many qualified people were caught in the economic downturn and are looking for employment. All resumes are pre-

screened by MHEDA before posting to verify eligibility as a student or unemployed individual. No currently employed individuals within the material handling industry will be permitted to post resumes.

2. Job Posting:

Members can now post more comprehensive job descriptions so prospective employees can find the perfect match.

Visit the MHEDA Career Center for more information.