Sofradir, a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared (IR) detectors for military, space and industrial applications, and its subsidiary ULIS, a leading IR vision specialist making cost-effective uncooled thermal sensors for commercial and military applications, announced today that infrared technologies from both firms will be on display on a Nexter VBCI, a French Infantry Fighting Vehicle, at AUSA, in Washington, DC, October 25th – 27th.

AUSA (Association of United States Army) is a private, non-profit educational organization that supports the US Army. The AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition 2010 brings together major defense industry leaders, businesses and professionals from around the world.

“For more than a decade, Sofradir’s infrared products have been well-known for their reliable performance on battlefields,” said Philippe Bensussan, chairman and CEO of Sofradir, and chairman of ULIS. “Nexter VBCI is a Infantry Fighting Vehicle currently deployed in Afghanistan that is using optronics capabilities provided by Sofradir and ULIS. Our inclusion provides continuing evidence of our ability to supply IR products that are combat-proven.”

On VBCI, Sofradir’s cooled infrared technology is part of the vehicle’s fire control systems developed by Thales. ULIS’ uncooled infrared technology is being used in a panoramic situation awareness system developed by Sagem.

“It is important to display our uncooled infrared products at AUSA, as we look to create new opportunities in North America for our high performance IR sensors that meet the stringent standards in military applications,” said Jean-François Delepau, managing director at ULIS. “Being recognized for supplying products that are combat-proven is an important milestone for us.”

Sofradir will also have products on display that it launched earlier this year. These are Scorpio LW and dual-band Altair MMW. They respond to customer demands for low power consumption, TV format, longwave IR detectors and multiple wavelength IR detectors.

ULIS’ large format (1024 x 768) small pixel size (17 micron) uncooled IRFPA (Infrared Focal Plane Array) designed for high definition imaging applications will be exhibited.

About Sofradir

Sofradir develops and manufactures advanced infrared detectors (IR) for military, space and commercial applications. It specializes in cooled IR detectors based on a sophisticated high performance technology, Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT), and its vast product portfolio of scanning and staring arrays covers the entire infrared spectrum. Sofradir also offers QWIP detectors developed in cooperation with Thales.

Sofradir's headquarters are located in Châtenay-Malabry, near Paris, France. Its manufacturing facilities and those of ULIS, its subsidiary that manufactures uncooled IR detectors, are located in Veurey-Voroize, near Grenoble in France. Sofradir EC, the company’s US subsidiary, operates in Fairfield, NJ. Sofradir, ULIS and Sofradir EC employ more than 500 people. For more information visit:

About ULIS

ULIS, a subsidiary of Sofradir, specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative, high quality uncooled microbolometers for thermography, automotive, safety and military applications. It enables makers of infrared equipment to produce low weight, low power consumption and cost-effective infrared cameras in large volume. ULIS is located in Veurey-Voroize, near Grenoble, and employs 120 people.

For more information, visit:

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