•    Roth & Rau & Day4 Energy to combine technologies to deliver the next generation solar PV cell, module and production system

•    Alinement B.V., a prospective Day4 solarSYSTEMS partner in the Netherlands, is scheduled to commence operation in Q1 2012 with 80MW of production capacity for this new technology

•    Additional capacity to 500MW is planned for the Netherlands and up to 2.5GW globally

With the objective of creating the next generation of crystalline silicon solar modules through increased cell efficiency and temperature performance, this collaboration will see Roth & Rau`s PV cell and hetero-junction technology-based turnkey manufacturing line combined with Day4`s advanced PV cell, module and production technologies. The recent acquisition of ACI eco-Tec by Day4 Energy makes this collaboration possible, and will ensure the delivery to ABV of an advanced PV technology superior in terms of both cost and performance.

ABV, a group of solar experts with a proven track record of bringing new products and production methods to market, has studied many options and selected Roth & Rau and Day4 Energy as their technology and equipment providers. The objective is to reduce costs and achieve the highest possible efficiency by minimizing production steps through the integration of wafer, cell and module production. The company has plans for 500MWp of manufacturing capacity in a single location in the Netherlands.

Roth & Rau has been developing hetero-junction technology for more than two years at their Switzerland Technology Centre in close collaboration with EPFL in Neuchatel. Hetero-junction technology solar cells offer an efficiency potential of more than 20% while delivering favorable manufacturing costs. At the recent EU PVSEC European Solar Conference held in Valencia, Roth & Rau presented results of 21% cell efficiency achieved at its Swiss Technology Centre. Having demonstrated the significant potential of hetero-junction technology, Roth & Rau is moving rapidly towards mass production.

Roth & Rau is excited about the potential of bringing together hetero-junction and Day 4 Energy`s innovative contacting technology.

This combination will further enhance the module efficiency of hetero-junction based solar cells, and lead to significant cost reductions in the cell process. Roth & Rau is currently the only equipment manufacturer to offer production systems for this highly promising cell technology.