Migrate Highly Complex Applications Quickly with IBM® DB2® SQL Skin for applications compatible with Sybase ASE

SAN FRANCISCO—December 8, 2010-- One of Europe’s largest and most advanced medical facilities will implement a sophisticated application and database migration strategy with the help of ANTs software inc. (OTCBB:ANTS), a leader in database consolidation solutions and IBM® DB2® SQL Skin for applications compatible with Sybase ASE (IBM DB2 SQL Skin). ANTs Software, IBM and IBM business partner, SuadaSoft, are working together to help the forward-thinking teaching hospital migrate a highly complex and critical application from Sybase ASE 12.5 to IBM DB2 across seven locations. Initial 2010 beta tests and technology evaluation successes are translating into a 2011 deployment of IBM DB2 SQL Skin across the entire enterprise.

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An innovative DB2 migration technology built on ANTs Compatibility Server (ACS), IBM DB2 SQL Skin helps companies accelerate the migration of applications from one database management system (DBMS) to another.  

“ANTs database consolidation technology is changing the existing DBMS migration paradigm by accelerating initiatives, reducing legacy maintenance costs and making it possible for end users to utilize business applications without disruption,” said Joseph Kozak, chairman and CEO, ANTs software, inc. “Visionary organizations like this international medical center are discovering that Sybase is not a viable enterprise platform in the long term and proving that database migration can be easy, efficient and flexible with the use of IBM DB2 SQL Skin.”

With more than 2000 beds and 8500 staff, this large European healthcare provider is renowned for its high-quality healthcare, accessibility and forward-looking technology strategy. 

The hospital’s most critical application, its patient records, is a large, complicated Java application on Sybase with over 2,000 connected users daily.  This application also happens to run on the first Sybase installation in Europe.

The hospital’s IT team recognized the legacy infrastructure was insufficient to support the copious amount of data the organization will generate when it doubles the size of its campus to over 4,500 beds. With minimal operational impact, significant cost reductions and measurable performance improvements, the medical center is enabling this application to run on IBM DB2 reducing complexity, eliminating database overlap and dramatically reducing data storage requirements. 

“The IT team needed a database management system that would grow, remain technically robust and have longevity as an enterprise platform,” said Luc Vandaele, CEO, SuadaSoft. “Just before they launched a complete manual migration of their patient records system, the hospital IT department learned that with IBM DB2 and IBM DB2 SQL Skin migration they could cut the amount of time spent on migrating to another DBMS 10 times over.  Operational and capital expenses are going to drop dramatically while their efficiency and performance will increase exponentially.”

The existing Sybase DBMS has over 2 Terabytes of storage, 20k+ stored procedures that equal over 1.1 million lines of Sybase SQL code and 30,000 Sybase objects to migrate every week with the release of new software.   Using IBM DB2 SQL Skin for applications compatible with Sybase ASE, the medical center eliminates the need to maintain more than a single code base while migrating or invest in expensive upgrades and specialized personnel.

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SuadaSoft is an IBM Premier Business Partner for the Information Management product suite on distributed platforms as well as the z/OS platform, and as such, is especially well placed in offering both the Software and the Services that are required by our customers.

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The mission of ANTs Software is to help customers drive down IT operating costs by consolidating hardware and software infrastructure and eliminating cost inefficiencies. To this end, ANTs develops and sells the ANTs Compatibility Server (ACS) an innovative middleware solution that accelerates database consolidation between database vendors, enabling application portability. In addition to ACS, ANTs offers a complete portfolio of services ranging from architecting or managing IT infrastructure, to full application performance tuning and administrative services. ANTs is a public company with headquarters in San Francisco, California. Our shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol: ANTS. For more information visit,

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