The San Diego County component of the nations largest long-term examination of childrens health and development was launched Jan. 10.

The National Childrens Study was the centerpiece of an event scheduled for Queen Bees Art and Cultural Center. The event included remarks by local principal investigators, which include staff members at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and San Diego State Universitys School of Public Health.

According to a Jan. 7 press announcement from the UC San Diego Health System, the study will examine environmental effects such as air, water, diet, family dynamics, community and cultural influences, and genetics on the growth, development and health of children across the United States. The study will follow the children from before birth until age 21.

Findings from sites across the U.S. will be made available as the research progresses, making potential benefits known to the public as soon as possible. The project is led by the Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health, in collaboration with a consortium of federal government partners.

San Diego is one of 17 study centers.

- Steve Sinovic