<Date: February 4, 2011>

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<Head: Anti-Mubarak Activists Gather in the Streets of Cairo for Departure

Day; 145K Jobs Expected to Have Been Added in January: Unemployment Rate

Rising to 9.5 Percent; Interview With Alexis Glick; WSJ: GM Plans to Expand

GM Financial; Coinstar Shares Fall on Weak 4th Quarter Earnings; Verizon to

Slow Data Connection for Most Active Users; Report From Egypt; Bernie

Briefing; Disappointing Jobs Report; Interview With Mike Lupica; WSJ:

Chinese Company May Bid on U.S. Defense Contracts - Part 3>

<Sect: News; International>

<Byline: Don Imus, Rich Edson, Dagen McDowell, Adam Shapiro, Charles

McCord, Bernard McGuirk, Rob Bartlett, Tony Powell, Ashley Webster, Lou

Rufino, Warner Wolf, Mike Woods>

<Guest: Dick Gregory, Alexis Glick,: Mike Lupica>

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Employment and Unemployment; Stock Markets; Las Vegas Sands; Coinstar; Oil;

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LOU RUFINO, IMUS IN THE MORNING: Why would there be any question to that?IMUS: Yes. There wasn't any be a question and Adam Shapiro he's in filling in for Connell and he's not Connell. But he's doing fine.

RUFINO: Just the grades are coming, left and right. Right away, but you -- you're doing good, you are ok.

IMUS: Adam is adequate. And --


IMUS: As am I this morning by the way, barely adequate, so -- and Bernard is here, Lou, Warner Wolf. You know you're standing here in the new studio this morning, right, Warner?


IMUS: What's in there, what's the name of the studio?

WOLF: I don't know if you know about this yet, I-Man.

IMUS: Yes.

WOLF: Well, we're -- we're broadcasting from the Small Business Authority Studios.


WOLF: All right.

RUFINO: Right on Dawg.

IMUS: All right, let's go to -- let's go to Cairo and Adam -- and Ashley Webster to see what's going on there. Good morning, Ashley.

WEBSTER: Hey, good morning, I-Man. This is probably -- it's going to be a very interesting day. We have thousands of anti-Mubarak supporters, again gathering in the Square, they're going to march on the -- the presidential palace, the day of departure they are calling it, the day that Mubarak leaves. But we understand there's a lot of troop of government supporters gathering in another neighborhood, they're calling it the day of loyalty .

So it's a day of many names. If they come to blows again somewhere on the streets, what will the army do? What will be the outcome? Lots of questions, but there's a continuing argument over what should Mubarak do?

The U.S. wants him out now; others including Israel and Saudi Arabia and UAE, United Arab Emirates, not so happy with the solution. They say the power vacuum could be replaced very easily by the Muslim Brotherhood and that's what they are concerned about.

IMUS: And what did Mubarak tell ABC News yesterday?

WEBSTER: Well, he said, he -- he doesn't want to leave because he wants to oversee the transition, peaceful transition. He says he's been in charge for so long now; he's been in public office for some 60 years and says he's going to die on Egyptian soil. So he's not just going to run. It's going to -- I think -- you're going to have to get him out of there with a crow bar, I think.

IMUS: Yes the jaws of life or feet first. I mean, he's going nowhere. So --

WEBSTER: Yes, exactly.

IMUS: And we talk last hour about the safety of all of the various reporters, you and everyone else. So what's the latest on that?

WEBSTER: Well, yes. Some really disturbing stories, as you're well aware of. Many journalists being attacked, harassed, in fact just a couple hours ago I spoke to someone from an Italian news agency, a female producer who was approached by a mob of people and they had knives and they were trying to cut the strap of her bag to get to her either camera or reporters' notes or whatever it is.

But, for the most part, now, it seems the foreign media are being treated a lot better, though the army are taking care of them and now all of a sudden we're -- we're wonderful.

So -- but -- it's a -- to be honest with you, it's a well-known tactic. You scare, use violence and then repent and apologize. It's a well-known tactic of this type of regime.

But the world is watching and every effort they've made to stop cameras rolling and to stop -- stop people reporting has just not worked.

IMUS: Any thought of leaving, Ashley?

WEBSTER: No. No. I don't think so. I think this is such an -- a moment of history for this country and I think to be here and to have gone through this much, you know, you want to see how the -- the story ends.

IMUS: Ashley Webster, well, good for you, Ashley Webster in Cairo, for the Fox Business Network. And we'll talk with Ashley throughout the morning. Why is the -- he said I'd be on the phone to Citation Air and now --

RUFINO: Oh I forgetting you, there's a smoke coming on to your heels. This looks like one of those cut-outs from Wiley Coyote who runs.

MCGUIRK: You can come up from under the bed; the flame is here.

IMUS: I'm trying to think who's the sponsor -- I want to say who is Citation Air. In a heartbeat, I'd be out of there in a minute --

RUFINO: Not me bro I can see you.

MCGUIRK: I'm going to take you (INAUDIBLE) out and tell us if you want to leave now.

IMUS: Well, that's pretty good. I mean, that was good, I mean, that's good for him. That's courageous.

MCCORD: Oh yes.

IMUS: So -- he's a great reporter. I'm not just saying that because he works for us. He just is.

So anyway -- so we'll monitor that obviously throughout the morning.

Dagen McDowell is here doing the news, what's going on?

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FBN CORRESPONDENT: Let's stay on the story of Egypt and what President Obama will say later today. President Obama is meeting with Canada's Prime Minister, down in Washington, at the White House -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

And after that meeting this afternoon, they will be holding a press briefing. Obama and Harper are expected to discuss a major border trade deal and security but, of course, the President will be questioned about the situation in Egypt and the violence there. It could happen around 3:00 p.m., Eastern Time, this afternoon.

Meantime, Senator John McCain will not be endorsing any candidates for the 2012 presidential race. McCain, telling, he is, quote, Staying out for the first time in many years , unquote. The announcement from Senator McCain means that should Sarah Palin decide to run he will apparently not be throwing his hat behind his running mate in 2008.

IMUS: Well that was unfortunate. That's why he wouldn't remain loyal to her. So --

MCGUIRK: But it's early.

IMUS: Yes it's early so maybe he could change his mind.

MCDOWELL: That's if they are --

IMUS: And I'm on that Mitt Romney bandwagon right now. So that's -- that's my -- he's my guy.

MCDOWELL: So you were practically sitting in his lap.

IMUS: Well, I'll tell you -- I mean I don't agree with him about everything but I like him. I got a good vibe from him, didn't you?

MCGUIRK: He has very good vibes.

IMUS: Wasn't he back there in the dressing with you -- or in the greenroom with you guys.


MCGUIRK: He looks the part.

IMUS: Yes, he's not some creep, you know, he's not a phony. So --

MCDOWELL: His wife wanted to meet you. That is why she came out here. That's why she came out here.

IMUS: Well -- well, of course, she rides horses and all that stuff and -- and I was telling her about Wyatt roping horses. And I mentioned Joe Beaver to her and she knew who Joe Beaver was and I'm always happy about that.

I think you should know Joe Beaver is, and actually if you have any sense and if you have been on a horse you should know who he is.

MCGUIRK: You've got to be familiar with Joe Beaver.

RUFINO: It's your fundamentals.

MCGUIRK: And he's alive.

BARTLETT: I have a -- I have a man who works for me, named Joe Beaver but for entirely different reasons.

IMUS: Anyway it's 12 minutes after the hour. And well, as the Godfather spoke up.

RUFINO: Joey Beavs.

IMUS: Let's find out -- and Joe, what?

RUFINO: Joey Beavs.

IMUS: Joey Beavs, well, welcome, Godfather, what's on your mind?

BARTLETT: Good morning Mr. Imus, I believe you should keep your friends close but your enemies closer so when I hear that this (INAUDIBLE) from Fox Business are telling you not to worry, that your job is safe, I don't know why. But I see (INAUDIBLE) giving the order and Sonny at the tollbooth. Except it's you instead of Sonny and instead of (INAUDIBLE) -- this Italian gentleman with the head of the size of a washing machine, Don Cavuto.

Now, I realize that there is bad blood but also that it's not personal that its business. Well, I'm very disturbed about this Fox Business, business. You have been a very good earner for the Fox family, so for them to treat you with such disrespect is an (INAUDIBLE).

You promote their programming, allow them to wet their beaks in your vast radio following and yet you still have many enemies, one in particular, who wants to see you sleep with the Fox and Fiends .

At first I thought it was that lucabrace (ph) looking Judge Napolitano, but, no, I believe it's this British gentleman with the white feet and the lawnmower, the one who was on after you, this Stuart Varney. You hand him a considerable audience, one that he is able to turn into his audience, I believe that it is he who secretly wishes to control the 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. territory and so he wants to see you dead.

He offers friendship, gaining your trust and guaranteeing your safety and I think we should send a message to this fussy, limey milquetoast. Act like a man. Remind him it is futile for him to move against you. (INAUDIBLE) The man with the biggest penis always wins.

IMUS: The Godfather here on the IMUS IN THE MORNING program. He's coming up on 14 after the hour. By the way, what -- what channel were you on cablevision?

MCGUIRK: Channel 106.

IMUS: Yes so it's unlikely that you'll be surfing past Channel 106, but if you want to watch us on TV, that's where we are. So -- Charles is not here today, Connell not here. So --

MCGUIRK: But the I-Man half here.

IMUS: Yes and I'm -- I'm really, I'm not -- it's just not good, is it.

MCGUIRK: No, you've got to cheer up, the Super Bowl weekend, boss, come on.

IMUS: I'm irritated about a lot of stuff and legitimately so. I'm irritated -- first of all, now I'm irritated at David Hinckley. I'm never speaking to him again. We've been friends for years. But he called me yesterday -- the e-mail deal. I said there's nothing to the -- I talked to the boss, there is nothing to this. Why would there be?

What are they going to do? (INAUDIBLE) who would they put in the morning here? It is stupid. It's a stupid story. Anyway, they can't help themselves, meathead Kevin. But I mean, having said that, he still insists that he has to do the story. And I was already irritable when I came in this morning. Now, I got to think about it, I'm fine.

MCGUIRK: We have to snap the I-man.

MCDOWELL: Can I make -- can I just say something real quick.

IMUS: Of course.

MCDOWELL: You should be happy that a denial from you still makes news. You deny it and it is in one of the biggest newspapers in the country. That's a huge deal. That's a good thing. Thumbs up on that, right?

IMUS: I don't know.

MCGUIRK: No doubt.

IMUS: It's a quarter after the hour. Alexis Glick is coming up and she's down in Dallas at the Super Bowl. Got a big new job, we're going to talk to her about that. And then Mike Lupica is down there, as well, and you know -- You know his father, right, his father owns --

BARTLETT: He has done some work for me.

IMUS: Pardon me.

BARTLETT: His father has done some work for me.

IMUS: I thought Ben was the head of a big family up in Maine or Maryland.

BARTLETT: He had his own regime, yes, but under my thumb. He's a button man. I can put him on the (INAUDIBLE) case, if you would like.

IMUS: That wouldn't be a bad idea. That's what we should do with Hinckley, just have -- maybe we should have sent Bo and have Hinckley roughed up, right.

RUFINO: That's a good idea, yes.

IMUS: You know I'm actually -- well -- just what I've done.

It's 16 after the hour.


BARTLETT: It could go to type when your knuckles are broken.

IMUS: It's time for a little sports now and sports is sponsored by Peerless Boiler, they make America's -- I'm not in a bad mood at all. It's time for -- what is it time for, sports. Sports sponsored by who -- Peerless Boilers. And what do they do? They make America's best boiler and America's best sportscaster is Warner Wolf. Good morning Warner.

WOLF: Thank you. Good morning I-man, also broadcasting from the Small Business Authority Studios.

IMUS: That's great.

WOLF: Yes. The only injury question for the Super Bowl: will Steelers all pro center Maurkice Pouncey play on Sunday.


MAURKICE POUNCEY, NFL PLAYER: I'm fine truly right now, man. Treatment's going great. I got a positive on my side and everybody is kind of happy for me and we'll see how things going. And tomorrow I'll practice with the guys. Most likely I'm going to play. .


MCGUIRK: America is on the edge of their seats. What is Maurkice Pouncey going to do?

RUFINO: Pouncey playing.


WOLF: Green Bay favorite --

(CROSSTALK) WOLF: 21 times the underdog has beaten the spread 20 times. The favor has beaten the spread three times up, it came out on the nose. The pick right here: Green Bay, 24, Steelers, 17. Yankee left-hander Andy Pettitte has called it quits after 16 years, 240 wins and a bogus media stat, says that Pettitte is the all time winner in post season games at 19. He is, but he was only 5-4 in the World Series. How many playoff games would Whitey Ford have won, had they had playoff games then?

MCGUIRK: That's what I'm saying.

WOLF: Right, 25, 30.

IMUS: Ring the bell, Warner.

WOLF: That's right. And wait a minute, time out. What is this world coming to?

IMUS: What happened now. WOLF: Well, we've all heard of bribes, or fixes in baseball, football, basketball, but hold on, two sumo wrestlers, and a Japanese coach, have admitted to fixing matches in Japan.

IMUS: Oh, come on.

WOLF: Yes.

MCGUIRK: That did not happen.

WOLF: The three were caught after police found suspicious text messages on their cell phones.

IMUS: These are the fat dudes in the diapers?

RUFINO: Yes. Where did they hold the cell phone?

IMUS: This is not good, Warner.

MCGUIRK: You fall down.

WOLF: The prime minister of Japan said the country has been betrayed and angered.

MCGUIRK: Hari-kari.


IMUS: I just got a text message from Joseph Abboud. If you are leaving, do you still want your new jacket? You know?

MCGUIRK: You have to be laid out in something.

IMUS: Have to what?

MCGUIRK: I said you have to have something to wear. Come on.

IMUS: What a creep.

RUFINO: I hate all of you.

IMUS: He's an idiot. All right. Warner continues.

WOLF: -- with a 3 on 2, fast break. And finally, I-man, finishing that Harris Sports Poll which had the NFL, the most popular sport in the united states, 31 percent; major league baseball, used to be number one for years, they're second way back at 17 percent.

IMUS: Oh man.

WOLF: And college football is third at 12 percent. That means the NFL and college football combined give 43 percent. Nascar, 7 percent; this might surprise some people the NBA only 6 percent; and college basketball just 4 percent. And, women's basketball, college and at WNBA zero percent. Nothing. Nada. Turn the women's basketball and college basketball off now.

MCGUIRK: We actually still have commercials. I just want everybody to know.

IMUS: Did you want to do some now.

MCGUIRK: At some point.

IMUS: I think you made your point, Warner. And maybe want to move on to a different story, just anything. Any other story.

WOLF: Lebron --

IMUS: Talk about Yogi Berra, whatever you want to talk about. Elton Howard.

WOLF: Yogi Berra, you know, people make fun of everything he -- he's never said those things -- to be funny. He actually -- that is the way he talks. You know? Did you really want me to go on?

MCGUIRK: It isn't over until Imus cuts you off.

IMUS: I have my knife with me. Do you know what I'm going to do? Kill myself.

WOLF: I thought you wanted some more.

IMUS: I want you to just -- I love you to death.

WOLF: My time is up.

IMUS: No, that is fine.

WOLF: I thank you for yours.

IMUS: Holy God. All right. Alexis Glick is in Dallas. She has a new gig. We'll talk to her about that. This is one of her five favorite songs. Bernie, we have to talk to Warner, Bernie.




SHAPIRO: I'm Adam Shapiro. It's 7:25. Let's check the markets right now.

First in Europe where stocks are trading higher, indexes in positive territory; here in the United States futures are indicating that we will be in positive territory when we open at 9:30.

Stocks gained in the last session after fed chairman Ben Bernanke said the U.S. economy would accelerate this year and the fed would continue efforts to support the economy.

Labor Department releases its job report for January. Here's what economists expect 145,000 jobs added. That sounds good, but it barely enough to keep up with population growth. That's part of the reason why the unemployment rate is predicted to rise slightly to 9.5 percent.

That may not actually be such a bad thing when more discouraged workers are trying to re-enter the work force, economists consider that an indication things are turning around.

Fox Business's Rich Edson will be live at the labor department at 8:30 Eastern to bring you those numbers.

Health insurer Aetna posting better than expected results in the fourth quarter; the full year profit forecast is also higher than Wall Street estimates. Aetna will start paying a 15 cent quarterly dividend in April.

Weyerhaeuser returning to a profit in the fourth quarter; the company seeing sales surge in some areas of its business, but it's also saying the extremely challenging housing market affects the financial performance of its real estate and wood product divisions.

A quick look at commodities, oil higher this morning, gold lower, IMUS IN THE MORNING continues right now on Fox Business which gives you the power to prosper.

IMUS: 27 after the hour here on the IMUS IN THE MORNING program, on the radio all over the country and on the Fox Business Network. Charles is deathly ill with stuff, I guess. And Connell is off. So Dagen is here. And she's been good and Adam Shapiro is going to do a little business news for us. Bernie has a briefing and all of that.

I don't know if you all remember if you've been listening a while, but when we first -- when I first came back, when I got fired and then ABC and then we went on RFD and now we're on Fox. But this outfit called a Boreken Center (ph) up in Harlem, they had contacted my wife -- this is before I got fired. And they wanted to build this hospital primarily for black and Hispanic because there are more incidences of asthma and other breathing difficulties for children in Harlem than there are any place in America.

And so, Deidre answered-- they wrote her a letter and so she answered it, which they were surprised. So this happened before I got fired. But so, then, you know, you she went up there to meet with them after I got fired and then there were some people thought that she was doing that just because of why I got fired. Well, it wasn't the case.

So, I came -- so they wanted to build this health center, but they didn't have any money so I thought, well, a bunch of rich people I know would give them a bunch of money if I did. So I wrote them a check for a quarter of a million dollars and gave it to them. And it thought it would some generate-- couldn't get anybody interested. They raised a little bit, but not what I thought they'd do. But then the money started to trickle in and they got a million, million and a half and then two.

And then this stimulus package, they gave them, maybe the only good thing about that, they gave them somewhere between $12 million and $15 million so Deirdre was up there yesterday and so they're going to build this thing.

Remember I had those people on Bernie in --

MCGUIRK: Oh, sure, yes.

IMUS: They were, you know, great people just trying to --


IMUS: So God bless them they're going to do that, and Deirdre is going to help them. They're going to build it green, of course.

MCGUIRK: You're damn right.

IMUS: So she was up there yesterday and maybe once she's back in for Blonde on Blonde on Wednesday, we can talk a little bit about that. But that's a good success story and I'm happy for them because they were -- they've been working on this for years. They keep getting jerked around by Charles Rangel and a bunch of other people. And God bless them, they're going to get to do it. So, good for them.

Anyway, time for a little business news. Adam Shapiro is in for Connell McShane.

Good morning, Adam. What's going on?

ADAM SHAPIRO, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK CORRESPONDENT: Good morning. Did you catch the JP Morgan Chase lawsuit? The guy, Irving Picard, who is suing for Madoff victims to get money back, suing JP Morgan Chase for $6.4 billion, says they should have known and possibly did know that he was up to no good. The bank, of course, denies it.

IMUS: What do you think? Or that's not your job to speculate?

SHAPIRO: I think a lot of people on Wall Street knew a lot of things and just kept their mouths shut.

IMUS: You know, I have friends of mine, people I know who should remain nameless, I've been with the Andrews brothers, (INAUDIBLE) for them for 35 years and I'm going to be another 30 -- I won't be around probably but you know what I'm saying. But I had friends of mine who would say to me back in the day how much money are you making on your money? I don't make very much. And they said, you know, and they characterized me as being stupid. They said, you know, we've got a guy. So I've had several people over the years pitch me to say they could get me an introduction to Madoff and I just took a pass. Just didn't make sense to me. Just instinctively didn't sound right, you know. Taking 15, 20 percent on your money, I mean, that's just crazy. Turned out it was, right?

SHAPIRO: That was your instinct. Yes, you were right.

IMUS: All right, Adam. Thank you very much.

Time for a Bernie Briefing. Alexis Glick coming up. But first, here is Bernard McGuirk with a Bernie Briefing sponsored by P.C. Richard Son.

Good morning, Bernie.

MCGUIRK: Good morning, boss. From the small business authority studios, Sean Hannity on Wednesday night was at the top of his game. There was a smackdown with this radical imam, this guy from England. He's a lawyer there and a fairly smart guy. But Hannity didn't let him -- gave him no quarter. And this guy is advocating Sharia law among other things. He's down with those Sharia law, alcohol and smoking.

IMUS: Sharia law is what, Bernie?

MCGUIRK: Alcohol, smoking you get stoned. Adultery you get stoned to death. Alcohol you get stoned with rocks, by the way. Let me just clarify that.

IMUS: Right.

MCGUIRK: And adultery, you get stoned to death. You still stuff you get your hands chopped off, and kind of sounds like the I-Man's code of ethics if you ask me. But to be serious, this guy went back and forth and Sean didn't give -- like I said, no quarter. Listen to this. It's very, very entertaining.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: You believe that every woman, non-Muslim, Muslim woman should bare a burqa. You are a fascist. You want to brand that down people's throats. You want to cut off people's --


HANNITY: Excuse me, I'm not finished. You want to cut off people's hands that steal. You want to stone people to death if they commit adultery. You want to rob Israel's land and you justified. And I believe, although you don't have the courage to admit it because you're a bit of a coward, that you believe that people that kill 3,000 Americans are going to heaven and they're going to get 72 virgins. So don't you see can you not stand back from your sick, twisted, bizarre ideology here to see that those 3,000 people were innocent victims, sir? Can you not see that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, Mr. Hannity, you have a truth phobia. Whenever I turn the table on you and I talk about the reality, you want to avoid it, you want to talk over me. Your viewers will see through your lies and your propaganda.

HANNITY: My lies, my propaganda --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Americans are the biggest criminals, are the biggest criminals today. They are bombing Muslims. They're occupying our land. Yes, I believe in the Sharia.

HANNITY: Yes, well, you're one sick miserable evil s-o-b, but thank you for coming on anyway.


IMUS: Sean Hannity, 3:00 this afternoon, WABC radio, 9:00 tonight on FOX News.

Man, I mean, that's big time. That's good for him.

MCGUIRK: That was 15 minutes long, of just that.

IMUS: I love Hannity. Huh?

MCGUIRK: Those 15 minutes long of just that type of stuff.

IMUS: That's an old time ass whooping what Hannity put on him, that dude. So -- all right, 34 after the hour. Alexis Glick is next. Now one of her five favorite songs.

MUSIC: You thought you'd found a friend to take you out of this place. Someone you can lend a hand in return for grace. It's a beautiful day. Sky falls, you feel like. It's a beautiful day. Don't let it get away.

ANNOUNCER: Warning. Some content may be unsuitable for mature audiences.



IMUS: This is the IMUS IN THE MORNING program. Time now for a business update from the FOX Business Network.

ADAM SHAPIRO, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK CORRESPONDENT: 7:37, I'm Adam Shapiro. We're going to get the January jobs report in less than an hour.

Here's what economists are expecting. One hundred forty-five thousand jobs added, which sounds good, but is actually barely enough to keep up with population growth. That's part of the reason why the unemployment rate is expected to rise slightly to 9.5 percent. And while that may not be such a bad thing, more discouraged workers when they try to get back into the work force, it appears to be an indication that things are actually turning around in the economy. The employment report comes out at 8:30 Eastern and FOX Business's Rich Edson will be live at the Labor Department to bring you those numbers.

A look at the futures this morning. We appear to be headed towards positive territory, upon the opening bell.

IMUS IN THE MORNING continues right now on FOX Business, giving you the power to prosper.

MIKE WOODS, FOX 5: I'm Mike woods from FOX 5 in New York with a quick look at your national and travel forecast. And you can see where the mess is today. It's mainly over the southern states and the southeast. You've got rain as well as freezing rain and some snow out there. Places like Dallas down towards Houston, going to see some snow out there where it typically doesn't happen so much.