CLEVELAND, Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The healthcare industry has been buzzing about how it can best manage patient information electronically. It's quickly become clear that the bigger picture here is system interoperability – how healthcare IT systems interact and share that patient information. As a result, healthcare organizations are learning that having one enterprise content management (ECM) solution to centralize content across departments – and easily talk to other systems – is a foundational component for interoperability. Proving that it qualifies to meet these needs, Hyland Software's OnBase solution successfully participated in the recent Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Connectathon.


"In the healthcare market, the hot topic has been how patient data from an electronic medical record (EMR) can be integrated with the content that it can't accommodate – physician notes, EKGs, etc.," said Susan deCathelineau, healthcare solutions manager for Hyland Software. "But that's just the first step to creating a complete, longitudinal patient record. The next step is system interoperability.

"Our conversations with healthcare organizations have indicated that this next phase isn't far away. Sooner than later, they will want an ECM solution that's interoperable with any number of healthcare solutions. And, rightfully so – having interoperable systems is vital to providing the best patient care. As a result, it's something that all healthcare organizations should expect from their ECM solution."

With the goal of achieving optimal patient care, IHE is an initiative that strives to improve how systems in a healthcare organization share information. According to IHE, systems developed in accordance wit