Bloomington, Ind., August 8, 2011 – In an effort to provide surgeons and nurses with an advanced tool to better monitor blood flow during free flap procedures, Cook Medical has launched the Doppler DP-M350 Blood Flow Monitor, a medical device at the forefront of transplant and reconstructive surgery.   

"Cooks Doppler DP-M350 Blood Flow Monitor has the ability to detect changes in blood flow immediately following transplant and reconstructive surgeries so a surgeon can intervene before free flap failure," said Andy Cron, vice president of Cook Medicals Surgery business unit. "We are proud to offer surgeons this latest enhancement to the Doppler system, and look forward to working with some of the worlds leading medical institutions to help improve overall patient care."

With flow indication lights and audio confirmation, Cooks Doppler system allows surgeons to continuously monitor for loss of patency or thrombosis.

"The ability to identify a blood flow problem quickly is important because there is a short critical window of time during which the surgeon can salvage a struggling free tissue transfer," said Dr. Michael Gimbel, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. "Cooks Doppler system has the unique ability to monitor difficult-to-reach vascular areas and detect a stop in blood flow so a surgeon can intervene before its too late. Additionally, the Cook system aids in flap insetting, as it can help detect a vessel kink prior to leaving the OR."

The Doppler DP-M350 Blood Flow Monitor received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance in March 2011. 

About Cook Medical

Founded in 1963, Cook Medical pioneered many of the medical devices now commonly used to perform minimally invasive medical procedures throughout the body. Today, the company integrates medical devices, drugs and biologics to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes. Since its inception, Cook has operated as a family-held private corporation.

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Dr. Michael Gimbel has no financial relationship with Cook Medical.