The company behind the first Chewable Toothbrush for toddlers has launched a unique children’s oral care pathway.

Brush-Baby knows that having a child will certainly keep you on your toes, with teething, tantrums and toilet training; you can often have a battle on your hands to do what’s best for baby. Trying to persuade children to brush their teeth without complaints can sometimes seem impossible.

Brush-Baby Pathway
Brush-Baby Pathway

Brush-Baby has come up with the solution, by creating a pathway of products from birth to six years of age. Inspired by a little girl, created by her mother and endorsed by dentists, Brush-Baby understands the importance of creating products specifically designed to suit children that aligns with their natural progression and development.

Brush-Baby’s ground-breaking oral care pathway is designed to help prevent dental problems in young mouths through a gentle daily routine. While children’s teeth will eventually be replaced with adult ones, it is essential that a routine is put in place from a young age. This will help to get them into good oral hygiene habits early on and prevent problems, such as tooth decay, later.

The company launched the first Chewable Toothbrush for toddlers, following Brush-Baby founder and Director Dominique Tillen’s experience with her daughter Lulu. The Chewable Toothbrush allows children to learn to brush their teeth through exploration and play, doing what comes natural to them.

Dominique says: “Brush-Baby was started after I found my own infant daughter wasn’t interested in learning to brush, she just wanted to chew the toothbrush. I researched the market but found nothing apart from gimmicks and smaller versions of adult products. I wanted to help and make a difference.”

There are five products in the pathway, all specially made and styled to help children into good habits:-

For babies up to 16 months old, Brush-Baby DentalWipes™ clean your baby’s mouth and first baby teeth. The wipes contain Xylitol which helps prepare a healthy environment for new baby teeth to erupt into by reducing the build-up of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

For infants from 10 months to three years old, the Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush is a versatile chewable toothbrush and teether that they can use themselves. The dentist-designed brush has been produced because babies naturally want to chew. As they do so, it helps to clean teeth, massage gums and soothe tender teething gums.

Baby & Toddler Toothpaste for ages up to 3 years is again unique in that it contains 10% Xylitol, a natural sugar that prevents decay-causing bacteria from producing the acid that rots teeth. It has lower fluoride, is SLS free and is low-foaming which babies can tolerate better.

Brush-Baby FlossBrush has a unique bi-level bristle that help to clean in-between teeth where most decay occurs.

To continue the positive effects of Xylitol, Brush-Baby Children’s Toothpaste has been developed for ages 3-6 years. Like its forerunner this toothpaste contains 10% Xylitol, fluoride and is SLS free. It comes in a fun Tutti-Fruity flavour to encourage children to brush.

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