Connecticut Innovations announced today that it has committed $450,000 from its Pre-Seed Fund to three startups in the life sciences sector.

The quasi-public agency, which is focused on technology and innovation, said the funds are going to Arcantatura LLC of Groton, C8 Sciences of New Haven, and Medical Device Logistics LLC of Stonington. According to Connecticut Innovations, each of the companies has secured matching funds from private investors.

Arcanatura describes itself as a green, animal health-care product company developing natural, clinical trial-tested health products targeting chronic and recurring health problems of dogs, cats and horses. The company has a direct-to-consumers model.

C8 Sciences, formerly known as BeCaid LLC, plans to market neuroscience-based, web-delivered brain development programs that are integrated with physical exercise. Its first product is designed to improve the learning ability of elementary school children, and to help in identifying and treating children with ADHD.

Medical Device Logistics is developing a closed trading platform for hospitals and surgical centers to sell and purchase new medical implants and surgical devices that are considered idle inventory. The company says that the platform should help trim the average hospital’s $250,000 in idle inventory.

Earlier this month, Connecticut Innovations said that NovaTract Surgical LLC of New Haven Conn. became the first company to “graduate” from CI’s Pre-Seed fund to its Seed Investment fund.