CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Pathfinder Cell Therapy, Inc. ("Pathfinder")(OTCQB: PFND), a biotechnology company focused on the treatment of diseases characterized by organ-specific cell damage, today announced that effective at the start of trading today, the ticker symbol for its common stock will change from SYMD to PFND.  The new ticker symbol follows the recent change of the company's name and has been approved by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

About Pathfinder Cell Therapy, Inc.

Pathfinder is developing a novel cell-based therapy with the potential to transform the treatment of diabetes, renal disease, myocardial infarction, and other diseases characterized by organ-specific cell damage.  Leveraging its internal discovery of Pathfinder Cells ("PCs") and a proprietary means of isolating these cells from surrounding tissue, Pathfinder is pioneering a new field in regenerative medicine.  PCs are a newly identified mammalian cell type present in very low quantities in a variety of different organs, including the kidney, liver, pancreas, lymph nodes, and other tissues.

Early studies indicate that PCs stimulate regeneration of damaged tissues without the cells themselves being incorporated into the new tissue.  The cells appear to be "immune privileged," and their effects are independent of the tissue source of PCs.  PCs isolated from both rat and human tissue sources have shown efficacy in animal models of diabetes, cardiac ischemia and renal reperfusion injury.

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