Israel: Q Core, developers of medical infusion delivery systems, will be introducing the Sapphire infusion pump at the upcoming MEDICA Show in Dusseldorf, Germany, November 16-19, 2011. The lightweight, accurate and highly versatile infusion pump is a comprehensive multi therapy, drug delivery solution for the healthcare industry, including hospitals, institutions, clinics and homecare markets. Q Cores first generation infusion pump system has been available in Europe since 2009.

Sapphires proprietary advanced, proven, reliable magnetic flow control technology reduces the pumps moving parts thus increasing the units life cycle and keeping down maintenance costs. The pumps drug delivery technology enables it to be as accurate as syringe pumps in all ranges.

With a color touch screen akin to mobile data devices, the safe pump is a versatile, easy to use platform. By combining various colors, font sizes and schemes, the platform indicates treatment parameters and provides differing alarm notifications allowing caregivers to efficiently implement diverse treatments and programs. 

"Q Cores Sapphire is a complete, precise, single-platform medical infusion solution for supplying an array of therapies," said Dr. Boaz Eitan, CEO and Chairman of Q Core. "Sapphire meets the need for low cost of ownership pumps that institutional, hospital and ambulatory care require as healthcare professionals seek to cut costs and increase safety. Sapphire is future ready with built-in extra slots for all forms of connectivity, pump locator and other smart capabilities, as well as software that can be adapted to meet changing needs."

"The platform is very user friendly, with a touch screen and embedded safety features that enable nurses and other professionals to quickly learn how to use the pump and operate the Sapphire for their patients, the pumps ultimate beneficiaries," Dr. Eitan added. 

Standing out in the market, the Sapphire family satisfies a wide range of increasingly challenging drug delivery needs and its readily adaptable to ever-developing clinical requirements.  The Sapphire multi-therapy pump is the flagship product in a line that also includes dedicated models for TPN, PCA, epidural and drug-specific delivery.


Privately owned, Q Core is the innovation leader in medical infusion delivery systems. As a medical device company totally focused on the medical infusion pump market, Q Core continuously invests in R&D to develop the most versatile, accurate and reliable infusion pump systems available. Based on proprietary, patented technology, Q Core delivers multi-therapy and dedicated infusion pump systems and disposables (sets) for hospital and ambulatory care environments. Q Cores infusion pump systems improve drug delivery safety for patients and medical staff and offer outstanding reliability and low-cost maintenance that together ensure a low total cost of ownership. The platform is adaptable to changing regulatory, connectivity and other market requirements, enabling hospitals to be confident of long-term value from their infusion pump investment.  Q Core has a fast-growing worldwide sales and distribution network, with professional representation in all major markets.