ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new recently published study, Safety Syringes and Anti-Needlestick Devices in Orthopaedic Surgery, in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery demonstrated significantly beneficial results for orthopedic surgery, arthrocentesis, intra-articular injections, local anesthesia, aspiration biopsy, and ultrasound-guided procedures using mechanical safety devices, specifically highlighting the Avanca RPD.

Medical device company Avanca Medical Devices, Inc. ( continues to prove through published articles and studies the superior performance of its one-handed syringe, the RPD®, over regular syringes.

The current study shows that the one-handed RPD® (reciprocating procedure device) significantly improves the performance and outcomes of both palpation-guided and ultrasound-guided injections in a clinically significant manner. The RPD® permits one-handed aspiration and injection with enhanced needle control and improved outcomes, while reducing procedural pain and complications, including hemorrhage.

The article goes on to show that safety devices can significantly lower the risk of accidental needle sticks, save lives and ultimately reduce costs. According to industry reports, costs for treating accidental needle sticks exceed $3 billion per year in the United States. While these costs are far greater than world market sales for all needles and syringes, they do not include the costs resulting from loss of life, loss of income, civil suit awards, litigation expenses and higher insurance premiums.

In summary, safety needle devices such as the Avanca RPD® can be successfully used and integrated in outpatient orthopedic procedures in which conventional syringes are used.

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About Avanca Medical Devices

Avanca Medical Devices' ultimate goal is to improve healthcare for the practitioners and make it safer for patients. The RPD® is recognized by the Veterans Administration Center for Patient Safety as an Advanced Patient Safety Technology.