SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AirStrip CARDIOLOGYTM, the innovative cardiac patient monitoring solution from AirStrip Technologies Inc., has been named the best US medical application for the iPhone® as part of App Store Rewind 2011, which collects the years top apps as selected by the App StoreSM editorial team.

"This recognition from Apple is deeply gratifying and reinforces what clinicians across the country are saying about AirStrip CARDIOLOGY – that this is a game-changing application that is already saving lives," AirStrip Technologies CEO Alan Portela said today.

AirStrip CARDIOLOGY allows clinicians anytime/anywhere access to live and historical ECG data on their iPad® and iPhone, along with enhanced analytics and the ability to ‘pinch and zoom for closer inspection of individual ECG complexes, while maintaining the aspect ratio of the ECG complex relative to the reference grid. AirStrip CARDIOLOGY delivers a 20-fold improvement in ECG visual display over traditional paper tracings and PDFs, enabling clinicians to make faster, more informed diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Cardiologists at St. Francis Medical Center, a Bon Secours facility in Virginia that recently started using AirStrip CARDIOLOGY, say the application has already been a life-saver that can greatly cut response times.

"Even if youre not at home, you can quickly pick up your phone, view the EKG, and take care of patients remotely," said Dr. Shaival Kapadia. "[AirStrip CARDIOLOGY] makes it seamless. The nurse runs the EKG, processes it, and instantly its pushed to your phone. Thats huge because that determines whether I rush to the hospital to take care of this patient, or whether its something that the ER can handle."

"The ECG is among the most vital tools that clinicians use to diagnose a heart attack, and initial results show the use of AirStrip CARDIOLOGY can shave precious minutes off the process of diagnosis and treatment decision-making," AirStrip Technologies President and co-founder Dr. Cameron Powell said. "When treating cardiac patients, those extra minutes can help patients recover more quickly while preventing heart damage.

"We thank Apple for this recognition, and for advancing technology that offers the potential to measurably improve patient care," Dr. Powell added.

AirStrip applications, which also include AirStrip OBTM and AirStrip PATIENT MONITORINGTM, are all FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant. AirStrip Technologies applications have also been featured in two recent Apple TV ads for the iPad. Demo versions of all Airstrip applications are now available for download on the App Store.

About AirStrip Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, AirStrip Technologies is a pioneer in mobile medical software applications designed to work across most platforms to improve patient safety and reduce risk in the healthcare setting. AirStrip Technologies engages, consults and employs leading technology and medical experts to ensure the highest quality of their products. The core technology team is committed to bringing best-of-breed products to the market that enhance the ability of physicians and healthcare professionals to perform their work on a daily basis with the added assurances that their patients are being provided the best care available. Visit for more information.

Posted by Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MDT