HINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Phase One Medical, L.L.C. a privately held medical device research and development company announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a second patent covering their Distal Locking Hemodialysis Catheter Technology. The patent (USP# 8,052,659) entitled: "Catheter Device" provides broadened claims for the companys methods of opening and closing the distal end of a hemodialysis catheter.

The Phase One catheter system is a chronic hemodialysis catheter utilizing an innovative distal locking system that is opened to allow patients to receive hemodialysis and is then closed at the completion of dialysis treatment. "We are very pleased to have received this additional patent," said Adrian Ravenscroft, Partner, Phase One Medical. "We believe our strengthened patent portfolio and the unique design elements of our catheter will become a game changer."

Approximately 400,000 patients receive hemodialysis three times a week in the United States. Hemodialysis requires access to a patients vascular system. It is estimated that up to 30% of patients receive their vascular access through the use of chronic hemodialysis catheters. Clinical problems associated with the use of chronic catheters include infection, intraluminal thrombosis, distal tip occlusion and complications caused by loss of catheter lock solutions.

Said Don Woods, Partner, Phase One Medical, "having the ability to open and close the distal end of a chronic hemodialysis catheter is significant. For the first time, clinicians will be able to manage the catheter lumens with confidence when the distal lock is closed. Lock solutions will not leak into the systemic circulation and lumens will remain blood free. As a result, we believe this technology will have an impact on the historical complications and cost associated with use of chronic hemodialysis catheters."

About Phase One Medical

Phase One Medical is a privately held medical device research and development company. The company is focused on early stage development and small part design and manufacture. For more information on Phase One Medical, L.L.C. products and services e-mail the company at

Posted by Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MDT